pilot/idle jet ? vintage keihin pd xr200 carb

ok where exactly is the pilot jet located in the OLD Keihin PD carbs ?

XR200 1980

so i can check/clean mine..

because i am sure its gotta be plugged at least partially.. especially due to having sat parked for so many years untouched....

and when i tried to fire it up a month ago or so, it was not getting fuel at all from upandout of the bowl through the main jet whatever it is called where the slide needle goes in.. even though the bowl had plenty of fuel..

from the research i have done so far it seems that these old keihin carbs were a real PITA to fire up due to poor slow jet/idle design ?

and therefore is why many ppl opt to junk them in favor of later mikunis such as the mikuni tm series ?

right ?

no ?

please elaborate


When you take the bowl cover off, it should be the smaller in length jet. The one in the middle is obviously the main jet the other on the front side is the pilot jet.

oh ok cool thanks :busted:

well ihave the carb sitting right here and i just removed the bowl and the damn pi;ot jet was just laying in the bowl

it looks really bad...

i had just taken apart and cleaned this carb out really good right before i tried to fire it up a couple months ago

and now the slow jet is just laying in the bottom

what the crap....

this damn carb...


i have heard that these old keihin carbs are just a real pain to get started up just by their nature/design(no accel pump,etc)

true ?

what carb do you run on your 200 ? i think you put a mikuni on yours ?

what model ?


bolts to the original 200 plastic intake spacer ?

29mm ?

modifications ?

throttl cable ?


Actually, these carbs are great. They are simple and easy to jet. Yea, a carb that is nearly 30 years old may have some issues, but what carb wouldn't? Personally, I would get a brand new carb. But, before I did that I would get a $25 rebuild kit and try that. It has fresh new jets and needle. But with a new carb, you'll get another 25 years out of it. if you read some of the other post from some die hard xr200 riders, they all swear by the stock PD carb. (PD97A) Although in 1980, I think they used the Xr185 carb, but I would get the PD97A one. You can probably pick one up for about $150 or so.

hmm interesting thanks :busted:

so these carbs are not inherently difficult to start? unless they are old and worn? or ? i mean how many kicks on average should it take to fire up with one of these PS carbs ? especially when cold ?

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