questions about late 80's XT250

Gday from NSW :busted:

As the thread title suggests, I have a few Q's about an XT250 I might buy as a resto project (supermoto maybe?) and to learn 4 stroke engines.



I think it's a 85 or 86 model. Anybody know for sure? The rest of the top end is in a box somewhere as is the missing side cover (hopefully, has a crack apparently) and a few other engine parts. The exaust valve is bent apparently. I haven't seen the bike yet, but should be haveing a look tomorrow or the next day.

How hard is it to get parts these days?

Iv'e been looking at the bikez website, and if their info is correct the 81-82 models had 5 more HP than later models (22 and 17 respectfully). Anybody know why this is, and if it can be easily fixed or inproved by say rejetting?

Can the front end of a newer model be stuck in? I want disc up front, and what voltage is the electrical system?

Thanks for any info and have a good new year


Welcome to TT, the vintage forum and the XT family. I'd put that XT at around the '85+ mark, as it has the newer monocross rear suspension. Parts are heavily dependant on where you're from but shouldn't be that hard to get. I'm assuming you're looking for an exhaust valve? Early model XT's have known to have finicky CDI's and weak cam chains. I'd take a look at what caused the bent valve first. The electrics should be 12V IIRC. The HP restriction would be a carb thing, either a restriction with the slide or a throttle stop. Throwing in a new front end shouldn't be difficult, as long as the bearing diameters are identical. Oh, and a happy new year 2 u 2:ride:

Thanks Wabbit. It's going to be a week or so before I can look at the bike, so ill'e be back around then. Just 2 more Q's. these bikes are dry sump arn't they?, if so can a oil cooler be added? I have been told the engines run a bit hot.

Oh and nice 550 Wabbit:ride:

Hope you all had a good new year as well :busted:

Yup, they're dry sump motors, with the oil stored in the frame IIRC. At least, on my 550 it's like that. I've been toying with the idea of adding an oil cooler from an SRX400 (small bore XT550 engine) to increase the oil capacity and to cool it down a bit. Mine also runs very hot (I once cooked an egg on the cases). Nice 550? Before I got hold of it ya, but not anymore:ride:

The last year the XT250 of that style was sold in the US was 1984. It was replaced by the XT350 in 1985--I owned one. The 350 was basically the same as the 250 but with a bigger bore. I am not sure of overseas versions. The TT350 (same as XT350 except much better suspension) was sold as a dual sport up through 2000 overseas. The bike pictured does look exactly like my 1985 XT350.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the XT350's in a breed of their own with the DOHC head? I seem to remember it having that but I'm not too sure. My 550 is SOHC and my dad says the 250's as well (he owned one back in the day).

Going through the TT OEM store the '84 xt250 has a twin cam head. Not sure if/when the 350 replaced the 250 here in OZ (I would ring the local dealer and ask them, but they're as usefull as a fishing rod in a desert), and I don't think the owner is sure what he's got either, may be the 350 after all?

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