made it through operation

well i made it trough the knife & saw feel like i rode 20 laps with my head caught in rear wheel. look that way too had support and prayers from family i have not seen in 30 + years the words from my fellow bike lovers gave me much hope operation was not complete succes ? haveing problems thinking clearly and typing will know more in about a week. still dont know if i will be able to ride like before or even if i will be able to ride at all that is why i say ride every day like its your last. i will let you know. lost drivers liscence? too for at least 6 months. thank you from the bottom of my heart .FXRS stay at the front of the pack.

Excellent news. Hang in there, you'll be back on the bike next summer for sure :busted:

I know that there were a lot of people on here waiting to hear from you. Things will only get better from here.

Good luck!


FXRS, thanks for checking in and letting us know how your doing. It's good to hear from you.

Hope you and all other roomies have a stellar new year.

Speedy recovery!!!

Glad thats over, and hope you feel better!

But what happened? I must have missed something.:busted:

Speedy recovery my friend !

Good luck with the recovery. Never under estimate the power of mind over matter. It is real. You will ride just like you did!:busted:

Glad to hear all went well ! Here's hoping that you'll be back on your feet, and more importantly back on the bike in a relatively short amount of time.

Take care !


Speedy recovery fxrs, we are keeping you in our prayers.

great news, just keep pushing , it will happen , your be busting a whip in no time. all the best .

Hope you get better soon mate.

Glad to see that the surgery went well! Hope that you have a very speedy recovery!


Great to see a post from you post op. Keep a positive attitude and you will can overcome anything.

Great to see you back on the board! Keep positive and your spirits up!:busted:

The worst is behind you now, fxrs. You'll be back in the saddle in no time.

Good luck man and stay strong.

Good to see you post. Keeping looking ahead and expect the best. Look forward to reading your post after your first ride:thumbsup:

Good to see your post FX. Ride on!

Welcome back and I hope your recovery is as fast as my 07 450R!

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