what would be better Fl uidyne radiators or boyesen water pumpr

What would help the most fluidyne radiator or boyesen water pump?

some times I ride in some tight stuff for a short period

it will start to come out of the over flow tube I all ready us Engine ice

Thanks for the help,


If the Fluidyne radiator has greater cooling capacity than the stock radiators, it will help more than the water pump. This is assuming that your current pump is working correctly.

If you are overheating in the slow stuff, there is already enough volume of water moving (the pump), but there is not enough cooling capacity in the radiators to cool the water. Moving the water faster will only worsen the problem as the water will have less contact time with the radiator.

Your best bet would be to add radiator fans--if that is an option.

Depending on what year you have (04 and older I think) you can do a mod to your pump impeller (drill I small hole in it) that helps cavitation, which helps low pump speed flow. And it's free. Look on this site for the link.

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