lever operated rear brake

How do you plan on operating the clutch?

Yes, its possible. I don't know how you do it. But that Pro Street biker that does all the crazy wheelies an such has his back brake as a lever on his handle bars. Same with the clutch and the front brake. I can't think of his name, but im sure somebody on here knows his name. He has his own show on TLC or Speed, i can't remember anyhting:banghead: .

Actually i am going to do the same thing, my buddy was in a street bike accident an right now has a paralized right arm. He loved riding so were thinking of making him a custom quad with with a lever rear brake. Its gonna be tough but we'll figure everything out.

Anyways, i hope this helps, if i find anymore info on it or i remember some, ill let you know!:busted:

Sure is. A lot of guys who use the Rekluse clutch make this mod. Get in touch with Muddaholic if you have questions. He rides with us and I think he has this setup on his KTM 300. :busted:

I have used the Rekluse product on a couple of Honda 450's set up for a paralyzed rider. We took the brake pedal off alltogether. Worked great, takes some getting used to.

Find a master cylinder for a hyd clutch (most likely a small street bike or a Magura) either have a new line made or locate a banjo bolt that will allow two brake lines to be attached at once to your stock rear brake mc. It's pretty easy really. If you use a big master cylinder it will be very powerful, so be careful. You can also install an in-line adjuster that limits the flow from the more powerful mc to more evenly match the existing rear brake mc. Position the clutch lever as the secondary lever. Meaning the easy one to grab is the brake lever.

cheers lads :busted:

That is how Kenny Zahrt now has to ride..

I'm using aprilia ditech scoooter master cylinder with with yamaha brake line and it is nearly perfect. Now it is possible to break very late in right hand corners and also in very long right hand corners to get more grip to front wheel.

Althouth, aprilia ditech MC is not perfect. Seem to have too big cylinder. Maybe recluse is better

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