adjusting new chain

I put on new sprockets and chain two questions is it normal for the front (engine sprocket ) to have some play in it ? Can you put the rear wheel adjusters on different numbers to align chain like one side on 12 and other side on 15 or does that make the axle out of align ? 99 xr 200r

Yes, it is normal for it to have some play in it.

both wheel adjusters have to be exactly the same!! but u have to be careful some bukes u count the lines from the back going forward and some bikes u count the lines going from the front to the back u have to figure out what ur bike is and make sure there the same! serious problems may happen if ur axle isnt straight!

Thanks for the info :busted:

is there a good trick to determine if your axle is actually straight even with the marks set the same at both adjusters ?

just to make sure the swingarm is straight, etc ? especially on a vintage bike ?

i always wondered about front drive sprocket slop also. my 80 xr200 front sprocket is pretty sloppy but i have never worried about it.

even my rear one is sloppy, too. it just doesnt fit the hub tightly. and the four steel bolt-pegs dont fit tightly into the sleeved holes of the hub. never has been an issue though.


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