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mikuni carb swap ?

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ok i am looking into maybe getting a mikuni TM carb for my 80 xr200...

TM would be the one to find right ?

i have read that this is a huge improvement over the original old school keihin pd carb such as what is on mine..

i have been trying to find a throttle slide needle and retainer for mine because they were lost...

but cannot find them anywhere... and this is the only thing preventing me from firing the bike up... very frustrating...

so i may have no choice but to change carb anyways.. and am gonna have to give it up and face that i am not gonna be able to run the original keihin again...

does anyone know the measurements on the TM mikuni carbs ?

or what carb will fit my intake and is single throttle cable top loaded style like the keihin carbs were ?

mine measures right about 47mm from stud to stud centers on the intake...

and 29mm venturi inside diameter..

pic of an old keihin pd:


really i am in a dilemma and need some direction.

thanks for anything

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The 80 XR200 used the XR185 carb and the Keihin PD carb is the BEST carb for the XR200R engine. Just go online to http://www.motorcycle.mrhondaparts.com/honda-motorcycle-parts.htm and order a needle.

The XR185/200/R carb is a Keihin PD28 (early) and PD97 (late). The outlet ID is 30mm and the slide OD is 24mm. I don't know the spacing on the flange holes.

The slides and needles are simular thru the years so just order the parts closest to the year of your bike that are still available. I bought a new late model slide for my 82 and the Keihin codes on it matched the old slide. I've checked needles from different years with a micrometer and although the Honda part numbers are different they measure the same. The only change thru the years seem to be jet sizes because of changes in displacement, compression, muffers, and intake. The cams and valves are all the same.

When searching Honda parts online it helps to understand the Honda part numbering system: The first five digits of the part number is the application, e.g. all needles will have the same first five digits. The middle three digits is the model code the part was first used on. The last three digits indicate revisions and changes. 446 is the XR185 model code and a lot of those parts are used in the XR200s, the 81-83 is KA2, and the 86 and on is KT0.

Here is the partnumber for the 80 XR200 needle set: 16012-446-014

And the partnumber for the 86-92 XR200R needle set: 16012-KT0-004

(which replaced the 16012-KA2-004 used on the 81-83 XR200R)

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mines a 200 not 200R.

never seen a 200R in real life..

bikes are very rare here in old farmer cornfield land IL..

youre now the first person i have ever seen to say anything good at all about this old keihin carb design, haha..

scroll down in this thread to see one of so many ppl dogging these old keihin xr 200 carbs:



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Re: My YSR 200 4 Stroke build!

Get rid of that stock carb on the xr200. It will make it a total dog. Pop on a Mikuni TM28 Flatslide. Also, while you are at it, get the head ported and get some custom ground cams from webcamshaft.com. A stock xr200 doesn't make a lot of power, but it definitely has a lot of potential.

heres what i got for a 1980 XR200:


16012-446-014 (replaces 16012-446-004) 001 $25.58


26 dollars insane...

better off getting a whole other carb really..

but cant find a good keihin one..

and everyone always says the mikuni wakes these 200s up and makes them run so much better and makes them actually start up without trouble..

so thats why i have been asking about a mikuni that can fit in place of these old keihin carbs..

i see you are in WA.

a buddy of mine whom i have known for around 15 years now and lives a couple blocks away from here is from Seattle and was an army ranger for years.

we were just talking about washington state the other day over at the shop. and it sounds like WA is a whole different kind of world than out here in flatland usa...

i cant imagine at all.. hills and rocks and mountgains and stuff ??

very odd...

sounds like mars to me!


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Reread my post; the Keihin PD carb is used on the XR185/XR200/XR200R.

I've used Honda 185/200 engines (stock and modded) since 1981 for competition and trail riding; and I think you will find that other users also agree that the Keihin carb is the best choice for this motor. Powroll has been modding these motors from day one for competition so I suggest you call them and ask what carb they recommend.

I believe the part number that you listed is the correct one for the XR185/200 engine.

If you install a different carb enjoy the re jetting adventure.

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