Any CRF250r Scramblers here?

I was just wondering if there were any 250r racers here. I have an 08 and have done some work to it for it to survive in the woods. I live in Orange County NY and I'm interested in doing some scrambles this year on my bike. I have been riding tight woods for years and I consider myself quite good at riding in the trails. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys shed some light on where to sign up, how the races work, and how to prepare my bike.

hmm I cant help you with your sign ups I race a diff district. However i can tell you that the first thing you need to do is find out what district of the AMA you race in? (for example here in PA its generally 5 and 6).

Find out your district, and find their website. Their website SHOULD list all the AMA sanctioned events. (Most likely wont be posted yet becaue its NY in the WINTER) Probably start though in early spring.

Different races are going to most likely require different things. You will need your AMA competition card and member number. This card is good for 1 year. Then you will might need a district card or something to that effect to collect district points. Generally, all of these things can be purchased/signed up for on the day of the event. (just get there in plenty of time to sign up, and bring $$, I think the AMA membership was just $39 last year.

Its easier to sign up here early and get it out of the way... (fees add up if u decide u need two cards, a race fee, and camp fee, etc all at once) Easier getting the card ahead of time too, will save u time at sign up (which can be a PITA). The website should give you a list of events, and also when u sign up you get monthly issues of the AMA magazine, and it gives the monthly events in all the states, so u can look there too.

Keep in mind that there may also be other events that are more than one district, or that do not offer district points, and you might not find them on the website.

Depending on what class you race in? If your a beginner I suggest the begginer class, or first year racer, or just C whatever you have as the beginner.

Probably be a long race, 2 hours? Maybe 3 (i believe its however ur distrcit does it with ur class) I have actually seen some and competed in some that are only 45 minutes (not ama sanctioned, but needed ama card?!?)

Most though are gonna be the 2 hour jobs, so you def need to be prepared physically and mentally.

Your first race will probably be a little intimidating, its going to be a dead engine start, and it will go off in rows, probably beginners and C riders it gets broken down into 4 stroke, and displacment, etc. It should staggered start, riders starting every minute or so.

Once you get going yoru going to mix in with really slow riders, and really fast riders that sand-bag and should be in a higher class.

Its common courtesy to let them pass if they are not in your class, (u should get markings for your helmet/bike to help denote if they are ur competition or not)

Another thing, you wont be able to ride the track at all before the race (no practice), You can walk along it but its going to be miles long, and can involve alll kinds of terrain including mx track.

When i went into my first race I didnt have alot of high expectations, I was a beginner, I just set my goals as gaining experience, finishing the race. If you get a good place in the finish thats even better!

annddd ill give u one last post about setup.

I do not race a crf250 in the woods, but i do race a mx bike in the woods so they are normally preparted the same way.

Get barkbusters if you dont have them. you will Need them, if u drop the bike 5 miles out on the trail and lose a clutch lever your gonna have a miserable time getting back. (not to mention u need hand protection from trees)

I like to gear my bike down.. i run a 13-52t combo, (13-50 is stock on kx450)

Makes it easier to creap through really tight stuff, and gives u more power and snap to conquer obstacles. also MX bikes have a taller first gear than their off-road cousins, and shortening it up helps with lugging.

Alot of guys like to run Flywheel weights n the MX bikes to tame the hit (off-road bikes genraly have heavier flywheels so they dont need them) I dont run one, but I like the hit my bike gives. flywheel weight should help alot with lugging, esp combined with gearing it down.

Never hurts to add armor if you so choose, skid plates, disc gaurds, radiator supports. (I dont run them but its playing with fire I guess)

A very important thing is have NEW TIRES. Have good tires, with fresh edges, (cuz their gonna race rain , sleet , hail , snow, whatever). Set ur tire pressures accordingly, (12lbs?) Alot of guys run Heavy Duty Tubes, but I have yet to get a pinch flat (fingers crossed) so I havent needed to replace any of my stockers ever.

Do you have any suspension work done? Alot of guys there are going to have plush off-road bikes, not mx bikes. Im sure u know it makes it easier, I have a stock suspension on kx450, I just set the sag, softened up the clickers almost the whole way out, all the way around. Helps with deflection on all the roots, rocks, etc, but still kinda harsh.

When spring comes round, I'll keep an eye out for the sign-ups. I do have bark busters and a skid plate and I don't have any suspension work done.

Thanks for the info.

I will second new tires for the race, at least the rear if it's muddy at all.

Check out and

ecea has races in New York and NJ, I think maybe some in Delaware and Pa too.

netra has races in Ct., Mass., R.I., Maine etc.

I'm looking to go to some races this spring. If you can't wait there is snow, mud racing near Binghampton- you'll need some studs or screws though. The races were only 25 minutes per class though. Kinda short.

Definately check out the like dozer said... I know they do those races out east of here.

I did one of their events this past summer at rocket raceway in Central PA. Good event, I think C class was a 1.5 hour event, and a 9+ mile loop. (and it have a little of EVERYTHING!!)

An event like that would be good for you to start because you need to realize what kind of endurance it takes, so start with the shortest race you can find if possible.

It does pretty well, you'll definitely have one of the fastest engines in your class. I strongly recommend getting your suspension tuned. The stock bike will beat you up bad.

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