1996 yz250?

Hey guys I was just offered a 96 yz250 for 500 bucks..... My cousin owns the bike and right know its seized up. He said its bored out to a 280 and has a brand new clutch installed. Do you guys think this is would be a good buy?

You got to think about how much money your going to put in to it. You might run into more problems also.It may need more than a lower end, the cylinder might need to get replated if its in bad shape, also a piston if its in bad shape. Is it worth it to you?

I'm with crider400.

How much of the work can you do yourself? If the bike looks to be in great shape and you can rebuild the engine, then it's probably worth it. If it's a rat and you'll be paying someone to fix everything for ya, then it's throwing money down the toilet.

I own a 1996 YZ250 (since new), so those bikes are close to my heart. :moon:

1996 was the first year of the 'modern' YZs, so they have good suspension and handle much better than the older bikes, IMHO.

If you think you can get it up to snuff for less than $250, then the $500 purchase price seems like decent deal.

The '96 and '97 YZs are pretty solid bikes -- almost overbuilt. I bet one with a big bore would be a riot!

But listen to what crider400 and adam728 said, and try to figure your total investment before diving in. :busted:

Are you riding woods or MX? If woods then you need at least a 10 oz Flywheel weight and a FMF Fatty pipe. Thats another $200-300 plus a set of barkbusters $50. No one made or makes a gnarly pipe for a 96 but the fatty works better.

My 96 with those mods is a great woods bike. I wold say it is worth $300-350 like it is.

yeah the bike is in pretty good shape. Putting some money into the bike is okay with me. I am riding mx.

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