What should I do to my bike for Maintance..?


1. First of all clean the bike off as clean as you can get it...

2. Clean, adjust and Lube the chain.

3. Tighten the spokes using the correct size spoke wrench.

4. go over the entire bike for loose bolts (use blue loctite)

5. adjust Grease or lube throttle, throttle cable and (Clutch cable at the case) check the routing of your cables for wear marks and getting hung up.

6. Clean dirt out under the rubber bumper on Rear shock

7. air up the tires

8. if you use a pressure washer to wash the bike all the time then chances are you need to take apart the steering bearings and clean and re-grease them...very often!


1. Change the Oil

2. Pull the clutch cover and clean the crap out of the Oil Slinger (if it has one) Replace the Clutch cover gasket (replace the clutch plates if needed) and clean the oil screen... If your racing this is done often, if not every 6 months or a riding season.

3. Adjust the valves

4. check for worn of streached Cam chain "a streached cam chain effects ignition timing, and throttle responce. this is one of the most over looked upgrades or replacement.

5. Re-torque head bolts

6. Clean foam Air filter and lube with light air filter oil

7. check the spark plug

8. if the Carburetor runs good do not mess with it!

9. if Carburetor runs lousy than spend time to clean and adjust (re-jet) if nessesary.

10. make sure all vent hoses Carburetor and motor are clen and free of gunk.

11. get rid of any moisture under the Ignition cover and clean any gunk out also

12. check all ignition wire connections. (coil wire, sparkplug cap and all plug in connections

any suspension adjustment front or rear or service is something that is up to you to determine how often you preform it. (I do it once a month on my race bike) and race bikes I maintain.

hope this helps as 99% of the stuff listed you Should be doing Often to keep you Investment running and able to ride it and have fun....:busted:

Bump to the top....:busted:

Great writeup Kevin, this and a little patience will keep your bike happy and healthy for a long time. :busted:

Cool thanks... this is what I do to the bikes I maintain for racing.

But I suggest this more often with the $1500.00 and under bikes to keep it reliable

I didn't see this. thanks for all your good tech articles.

Good info, Here is one we have been using...


1) Place your bike or ATV on a stand, this allows a for easy inspection and adjustments to be made.

2) Clean your bike and remove all dirt and debris. Look for any unusual wear or missing bolts as you clean your bike or ATV.

3) Clean, adjust and Lube the chain. Inspect the sprockets for uneven or rounded teeth. If wear is excessive replace the chain and sprockets AT THE SAME TIME. ( See manual for diagrams on sprocket and chain inspection )

4) While the bike or ATV are on the stand, spin the wheels to see that the bearings and axles are straight, and free from dragging.

5) Tighten the spokes with a spoke wrench.

6) Check rear brake free play and adjustment, ( see manual for details)

7) Check front and rear brake pads, clean with brake cleaner. replace if pads are showing excessive wear, ( see manuals for details )

8) Check for loose bolts, triple clamps, handle bar clamps, axles engine mounts bolts, sprocket bolts etc.. Use a Med thread lock to secure bolts.

9) Check controls, Lube and adjust all cables, check free play ( see manual for details ) Inspect the routing of the cables for wear or damage. Turn the handle bars and make sure there is no interference with the cables hanging up on snagging on frame steering stop etc... Adjust, grease and lube throttle tube, throttle cable and clutch cable.

10) Check the steering and head set, while on a stand turn the handle bars back and forth, there should be a smooth feel with no notch spots. If the steering is tight or loose inspect and if necessary replace and grease the steering head area, including stem and bearings. Make sure the steering nut is torque to its proper setting. ( see manual for details )

11) Inspect and clean forks and shocks. On the shocks pay attention to the area of the seals and shaft, look for any seeping or debris build up.

12) Check tires for proper air pressure Make sure the rim lock bolts are torque.


1) While the engine is warm, change the oil.

2) Pull the clutch cover and inspect the clutch plates and oil slinger. Wipe down any debris or build up on the cover and oil slinger areas. check to see that the clutch is torque and basket is free from wear. Replace any worn or damaged parts.

3) Check cam chain and adjust as needed.

4) Adjust the valves with a proper feeler gauge.

5) Torque and inspect head bolts, engine mounting bolts, and footpeg mounting bolts. Torque to specs in the manual or first time set up sheet found on the downloads section of this web site.

6) Pull off side # plates and inspect air box for any damage or cracks. Pull of airfilter and clean with foam filter cleaner, then let dry and lube with light air filter oil. Clean air filter box and air intake duct.

7) Check spark plug, CDI and coils for any loose or abnormal wear of wires and mounting.

8) If there is any grease or build up on the engine degrease it and inspect for any leaks or abnormal wear.

9) Inspect carb overflow lines and make sure they are vented and properly routed to the back and bottom of the bike or ATV toward the lower rear of the motor.

10) Clean area under the left side engine cover and make sure it is free from debris and dry.

11) Check spark plug for proper gap and color, ( see downloads section of this web site under Carb Tuning, for more information on proper spark plug color.

12) Carb tuning, see downloads section of this web site for more on Carb tuning and set up tips.

Did we miss anything?

Good info, Here is one we have been using...

Did we miss anything?

Ya the name of the guy you copied it from....:thinking:

Ya the name of the guy you copied it from....:thinking:

LOL, I forget you wrote the motorcycle bible and no one else can come up with anything!! THANK YOU OLD WISE ONE! so sad.

LOL, I forget you wrote the motorcycle bible and no one else can come up with anything!! THANK YOU OLD WISE ONE! so sad.

Most likely the the Bible your comming out with 99% of it im sure

But These Guys over here are not stupid like you think they are....:thinking:

Ya the name of the guy you copied it from....:smirk:
ha ha :thinking:

only one thing sad in this thread....

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