2009 schedule up at overthebarsgang.com

Sorry to take so long, but with the new things we are doing next year,it's taken longer than usual to finalize dates.

Most of our events are the same weekend they have always been over the years. March/April is always a tough time for scheduling with easter bouncing around on different weekend and months year to year.

We are adding a second 6 hour team race April 18th at Eddieville. It is on a Saturday for those requests we've had for more Saturday races.

New this year will be a 12 race series at Eddieville on our 1/2 mile flat track, with several practice dates. A knobby class will run at each event for those that want to try one of the oldest forms of motorcycle racing.

We are also going to run BAJA trucks,buggies, SAMARAI's??, and UTV's for a score style race at the Ridge next June 12,13,&14th. If nothing else, expecting a good show as they negotiate our existing 10 mile GP course. Maybe we'll get some drivers to sign our life jacket???:moon:

No vintage/evo MX this year, but I am planning on running a vintage/evo class at the team races.(Wanting to see how many modern bikes some old guys on 25+ year old bikes can beat). I'm hoping to surprise people with how well my 83 cr500 Husky works.

hint: If we disc/till the course deep enough, I don't need no stinkin' brakes!!!:p

As mentioned earlier, the longest 24 hour race in the world is back! The 25 hours of Starvation Ridge returns Oct31-Nov.1. Plans are afoot to make it bigger&better!.

Have a safe and dirty new year!!:busted:


Great stuff Scott, looks like another great year. :busted:

have the truck guys figured out classes yet? ivan stewart was looking for a venue like that for part of his pro truck series. too bad the dates are so close to the baja 500.

there has been alot of talk in the desert community about this race, it has potential to be a big hit for our area.

GGAWD I hope so.....Been living here 10 years and still can't get it outta my system...:busted:

PS Known as SANDlessNSeattle @ racedezert

Should be another great year with the OTBG. Can't wait for the first open practice.



With fuel prices being lower, now I may be able to venture down thaty way for a few other events besides the 25 hour race.

Good luck this year OTBG!:busted:

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