wr 250 or 450 dual purpose

I am looking to buy a bike for dual purpose. I am not shure which wr to purchace. I have owned a 426 that I sold after 1 year because of weight and starting issues. Now I have a 01 yz 250 two stroke that is great but not street worthy.I am looking at the 250f but not shure if I will kick myself for not going with the extra power of a 450f. Any comments ?

Depends, do you want to just dual sport it so you can ride a few miles across town to the woods? or do you plan to put some serious street time on it? if you want to be able to put some good street time on the bike, go with the 450, but if ur just a casual rider , go witha 250. go with the 450, especiallly if u plan on goin on the highway, i just wouldn't feel right riding a bike that has a piston smaller than my fist on the highway.

I agree with vtfootball79. While it is easy to plate a WR250F in this state - I would much rather have a different and more powerful ride for serious road miles.

vtfootball79 + Z4me

thanks for the reply. I only need the tag to get to my riding areas that are only a few miles from my house. The problem is that the area where I live is heavily patrold by the law. Most of the riding I do is with freinds for the fun factor.All I want to do is have a little jam time after a full day of work. I think our responce answered my question.

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