My 450 just lost 5 pounds....

As posted in a prior post I weighed my 03 WR450F at 262lbs with no gas... I got my new Pro-Curcuit Ti-4 today and weighed it. It weighs 3.5 pounds less than the stock Canadian pipe at 4.6 pounds (no head pipe). And by replacing the rear fender that weighs 3 pounds with the YZ450 rear fender I loose another pound and a half. The front headlight is removed for the YZ plate as well that weighs much less than the WR light..... It might seem petty but it all adds up..

The battery weighs 4 pounds.. I'm keeping it..

What else?.. Kick stand? Hmmmmm

Yeah, that stock silencer must weight a ton compared to an aftermarket one. Sell your Scott's stabilizer as you probably don't need it. j/k

Hey Dan notice alot of power diffrence with the new T-4 pipe?Picking my bike up this weekend with the same exhaust and since i havent riden it stock yet just was woundering the diffrence.

I may be speaking out of turn here , but if you wanted a YZ instead of an Enduro bike why didn't you buy one ?

Just Wondering ?


the husaberg 400 weighs about 232LB's. it costs less than the yam new and all i could do to it was put a digital revcounter on it.

and guess what? the factory have put one on as std for '03. i just don't know what to spend my money on next. help!!!!!!!!!!


I bet Dan got a WR because, it has several advantages for his type of racing over the YZ.But what I'm wondering is why you hang out in this forum and post. I'm sure the true reason is because you would love to have a WR 450 for your self. Its O.K.

Dwight, I was waiting for this reply... This only reason for my decision to get the WR was the transmission. Yes, I realize Ty and Russell win with four gears but considering I race long desert races like Vegas to Reno and the 1000 I figure that I shouldn't start out with a motocross bike. The 18" rear wheel and lighting coil make the WR a great choice for me too. This is where KTM really shines, they have a bike for everything, not so with Yamaha. You have a choice of a really great motocross bike or a do-it-all bike that could loose some fat.. I'm not saying the new WR450 is the choice for all but for me it really works. If Yamaha didn't make a WR I would probably have a KTM450exc, from what I hear they're amazing...

the husaberg 400 weighs about 232LB's. it costs less than the yam new and all i could do to it was put a digital revcounter on it.

Taffy, To be very honest with you, I don't know a lot about the Husabergs. I know they are great motorcycles, much better than I could ever ride them. My WR might be heavier than the Huseys but this is my 3rd WR and all of them have been totally reliable, parts have been real easy to get and they're not too pricey.

How much can you get an 03 Husaberg for? (usd)

Hey Taffy,

I've seen only one Husaberg in my life and it was not a 400 (probably the 501...sorry not to remember exactly). The bike is street legal, extremely light (in the 240's) and delivers tons of HP. So to me, this was a very interesting bike except for the price. (It is something like a 10500 can$ whereas the KTMs, for example, are at 8000 can$).

Something I remarked tough after spending some time at inspecting the bike is that the bike is kind of roughly made. There are places on the frame of this bike where we can clearly see buffer retouchings (I don't know if my english is understandable here). Some of the parts that should have been maintained in place by bolts and nuts IMHO were just fixed with tie-raps. I'm gonna go get a look at this bike again in a few days and I will try to make my opinion more clear by taking pictures if the dealer allows me to.

The bike is a power monster according to the dealer which is really a trustable guy and a very helpful mechanic when troubles occur. Also the bike looks very very good.

I'll try to post later maybe next week on this subject. I hope some of you guys will be able to help me understand how this bike is made.


This is a post from the CRF forum I copied into word and brought back here for your info. Some of this might not be good for desert racing.

Basically it's weight vs. reliability vs. money spent too. I've gotten it to this for me: tires- michelin S12 or Bridgestone M402 rear saves 1.7 lbs michelin S12 or Bridgestone M59 front saves .8 lbs handlebars- aluminum (oversized is less weight but be careful on changing triple clamps, they add weight) .5 lbs take off every guard you can (front disc cover, rear disc cover, rear caliper guard, chain guide plastic w/ spacers and replace with shorter bolts, backfire screen, cut mount tabs off, take off front brake line bracket assembly on fork guards and replace w/ two zip ties, gas tank strap/bolt (stays on fine without) replace all non stressed bolts w/ aluminum (lockhart phillips has a great kit for low $) - 43 total 6mm bolts for my bike aluminum nuts for stock steel ones (again lockhart phillips and 6mm - 17 for me, 8mm - 15, 10mm - 5 total exhaust packing switched to silent sport repack Barnett cryo clutch drive plates instead of steel (7 total) sdg seat - 1/4 lb cycra vented front fender - 1/4 lb src clutch bracket aluminum instead of stock steel talon aluminum rim locks

mettec titanium linkage kit mettec 3 large motor mount bolts titanium (best two titanium weight for your $) Now is when you get into the real $, motomaster front and rear rotors 40% lighter exhaust- plenty of options FMF ti 14" with ti midpipe

dsp cf airbox ti shock spring ti subframe Basically I wanted to get rid of all the weight I could without spending a dime. Then I went for unsprung weight next and got a ton off of the wheels and linkage....tire, ti sprocket bolts, alum. sprocket/rotor nuts/rim lock nuts, rim locks, ti linkage. Then I went for reasonable weight vs. cost and replaced the things I would've anyways like bars etc. My CRF is at 225 no fuel and it handles like a dream, but the aluminum bolts take care and I have to prep it back for rocky tracks w/ better engine guards etc. It's truly up to your imagination with how far you want to take it. Don't let people get to you if they say it's not worth it. If you calculate your budget and spend only the amount you want to spend then you can feel it on the track and it makes me feel like I've got a works bike underneath me. Have fun and post whatever stuff you do and how the bike felt afterwards!

Pre-race poo = 2.35 lbs :)

LOL!!! What about a haircut? :):D

Depends - if it's a mullet, you're looking anywhere from .28 - .43 lbs. :)

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