New FCR MX...No end bell?

Just recieved my new FRC41 MX has no endbell. I did not realize that I needed to specify one...or did somebody make a mistake?

Although it has a removable end bell ? I mean you can install one ?

Or it is a wrong one ?

Have you any pic of it ?

I assumed it would have one when it arrived. For some does not. Should I have specified that it should...or did the shipper screw up and omit it?

Depends on what you ordered? and from who

I've ordered from SUDCO and Carb Parts warehouse.... all 4 times, I had to order the adapter as a separate item.. Though I new's a universal aftermarket part that has a large application.. Unless sold as part of a KIT specified as fitting the DRZ, I would not expect the carb itself to come with an adapter to fit your application.

I assume you did not order it as a DRZ kit from TT. If you ordered it from another place and did not specify exactly what size bell you wanted, then I am not surprised none was there. Bells are considered 'accessories'.

Did you buy it new? Where from?

I'll await the call back from the shipper then. I may have neglected to specify that it should have the end bell.

Which is preferable...E boot or S boot? I believe I have both.

either,, You'll find the opening on the S boot is larger dia then the e boot

I've got myself a e-booth,much too thight to fit the std. sudco adapter for the fcr to drz, so I kept my sm-booth:thumbsup:

Eddie prefers the S boot.

you'll be able to suck more air with the s-boot(that also depends on or if you have done any head mods)the belmouth does not come with a brand new fcrmx carb unless you order it with it.

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