new bike

i am wanting a new 250 i can not decide between the 08-09 i thinking 08 but can you tell me the differences between the 2 bikes



Whats the price difference? 09 has a better head.

like a grand or so i could get a good deal on a 08 but they wont move much on the 09

Go for the 08. and with the money you saved use it on suspension and save the rest for repairs.

I've ridden an 09 CRF250R and i didn't notice much of a difference. It felt a little stronger up the top but you could modify the 08 and get better results for less money.

Redesigned combustion chamber and some small suspension and brake changes. Ge the 08.

alex, get the 08 and the 09.!!!!!! ( practice bike and a race bike ).

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