Warp 9 rims junk?

This is my second Warp 9 rim on the back of my YZ250 and both rims have failed in the same manner. The first rim lasted about 15 hrs before it started to crack on the weld and the second one started cracking after the first ride, now at 7 hours the crack is wide enough for me to get my fingernail in on one side.

I e-mailed Warp 9 on the first rim and they wanted me to send in the entire wheel assembly my cost to them so they could check it out. So that would have added $25 to the cost of that rim. I told the guy I was corresponding with that I simply wanted a new rim so I could mount it up and have minimal down time. I also agreed to ship the rim to them once I recieved the new one. Warp 9 was not willing to do anything other than have me ship my wheel to them.

Fortunately I bought the rim from Rocky Mountain atv/mc and they were very helpful in getting me a new rim shipped to me at their cost and return postage on the cracked one also at their cost.

I have come to the conclusion that these Warp 9 rims must have poor welds and quality control is not a priority. And apparently, neither is costumer satisfaction.

I mounted both these rims myself and torqued the spokes to 2.2 ft/lbs per the manual. It should be noted that I aslo have a Warp 9 rim on the front that I mounted myself and have not had any issues with it.......yet.

Anybody else have problems with the Warp 9 rims?

I'm now in the process of purchasing an Excel rim and should have done that in the first place I suppose. But, thought I could save a few bucks.

I hate poor costomer service!:busted: They should give a new rim no questions asked or a full refund!:moon:

interesting. i'd like to hear from other warp9 owners.

ive always wondered about those rims. they can be gotten pretty cheap for a new set of front/rears on ebay. when i broke my hub on my 06 yz450f, i was contemplating a set of those wheels but ended up just getting an OEM rear from an '08.

I have the Warp9 SM setup on my DrZ with NO problems... Great customer service! Jason at Warp9 is very friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions!

I can understand your frustration but I dont think they are out of line asking you to send in the rim prior to them sending you one. Look at it from a dealer point of view. I'm sure you torqed everything to spec, and they will see that and warranty a new one, and then I'd ask for the $25 refund for your shipping costs.

My .02

souperfly, what kind of riding do you do?

I think you get what you pay for,on my bikes i want the best don;t mind paying extra,i,ve seen these made in god knows where rims on ebay for these super cheap prices and thats why because there rubbish!!,stick to excel can;t go wrong,there standard on my 08 YZ250 2T nice!!!

I have a warp 9 on my bike and it is great as long as you stay very on top of the spokes. They loosen up very very much at break in so they have to be checked after about 15 or 20 mins on the first ride. From there just checking and tightening after each ride and i have not had any problems what so ever with it. You can't really beat them for the price.

I have only heard mixed reviews. One friend of mine bought a rear wheel for a backup to run arenacross on, he bent it the first week he had it by casing a jump pretty good, so I am not sure if that is a good instance to use. Most everything else I hear is pretty mixed. Its probably a good weekend warrior wheel, but for some real abuse you might want to stick with excel.

souperfly, what kind of riding do you do?

With the DRZ I do a lot of hooligan riding in town... IE jumping loading docks, curbs, old ladies etc... :busted: I do bottom out the bike quite a bit...

I have Pro-wheels on my RmZ, but wouldn't think twice about buying a set of W9's for that bike.

There appears to be no gray area on these wheels. Some love them and others hate them. That makes me think they have a quality control issue. As far as I am concerned, they can cram the rims and deal with their issues before I use them.

Actually, that might not be a bad note to attach to the rim when you send it back.

I ride strictly motocross, but these are for a motocross bike so it should hold up to the abuse. I'm only a C/B rider so I can't deal them the worst kind of abuse that they should be designed to take.

I did notice that I had to stay on top of tightening the spokes they loosen almost every ride. Never was a problem with OEM rims.

I can and do blame Warp 9 for not giving me the benifit of the doubt. That is what costumer service is all about. I sent them pictures and the rim was still perfectly straight so it was apparent that it suffered no undue abuse from me.

I, the costumer, purchased the product based on the asssumption that the rim was designed to be ridden by a MX rider and thereby designed to take that kind of strain. I took the risk of buying a not so well known or proven product, granted at a cheaper price, and expected to not be inconvienced by poor product quality control. If I was compleatly dishonest and bent the rim up by casing a 90 ft tripple and then bitched about the rim cracking on the weld I can see their point in not wanting to send me another rim. That was not the case though. And I believe Kevin Tanis, the gelteman I delt with a Warp 9, knew that.

I think it unreasonable of him to expect me to have an extended down time due to the failure of their product. Why not send me the rim and take the gamble? His loss is what? $50 if I turn out to be a smuck.

My loss on the other hand is 3 weeks without a bike and the cost of shipping the wheel assembly to him just so I can end up with what I expected to have in the first place.

Now my loss is probably the cost of this rim. I will try to get reimbursed, but based on my prior experience I suspect that it is unlikely to happen.

I got a complete 18" rear wheel last year and haven't had any problems, not even loose spokes.

I got a complete wheelset at the beginning of the season, it held up great. However I don't like their customer service either. I had trouble with an earlier version of their wheels and was not satisfied with the way they handled the matter.

As far as I am concerned, they can cram the rims and deal with their issues before I use them.

Actually, that might not be a bad note to attach to the rim when you send it back.

Right on. Worth a shot.

they had good customer service for me, i e-mailed them some questions about rim\hub compatability, and got e-mail back within 3 minutes. to me thats good, as i cant stand waiting for e-mails.

I know they are probablly hit and miss just like the Warp 9's but does anyone have experence with the DNA wheels?

my buddy has had 2 of these rims both cracked on welds in less than 20 hours

my buddy has had 2 of these rims both cracked on welds in less than 20 hours

Was he able to get reimbursed for the purchase price?

Bought a warp nine back wheel for my 2005 crf 450x. The hub split wide open after the sprocket side wheel bearing let go and rolled in between the axel sleeve and hub. Will not be buying another warp nine wheel and I guess it just reinforces the saying....... you get what you pay for.

They are made in china and thus are junk.  Hence the "good" price. 


There is a whole generation growing up and in their 20's right now that haven't yet learned "you get what you pay for".


If I had to tighten spokes every ride, and all I do is trail ride, then they would be removed from my bike instantly.  No excuses for poor quality, no matter the cost. 

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