How to mount Garmin Oregon GPS?

Santa was good to me this year. Got a Garmin Oregon 300 GPS. Now, I am wondering what is the best way to mount it to a bike. Have a KDX with Fasst Flex bars. I also have cycra handguards but if I move light button to clutch side I should have enough room to mount it. I have heard a lot of good things about Ram mounts from reading past threads. Leaning towards that. My only concern is that I ride in the NW and often we are riding thru lowhanging trees and brush. Some of the mounts look like they stick up a lot. Any suggestions about best way to mount? Thanks for your time.

I guess the alternative is that I put the unit in my fender back or fanny pack which is what my girlfriend told me to do but that is just to practical. :busted:

go with the RAM mount. You won't have problem with space on your bars or the height it sticks out.

One thing I liked about the RAM mount is that when I changed Garmin units, I only had to buy the cradle for the new GPS and used the same mounts.

I think a GPS should be seen in order to keep you from getting lost and not tucked in a fanny pack to be pulled out when you get lost. Thats just me.

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