Little concerned! 2005 crf

Hey all, I am fairly new to the Honda fourstroke world (Had a KTM before) and I gotta tell ya all this talk about the valve problems on my 2005 crf250r has me a little concerned, maybe I didn't purchase a trusty steed!! I don't feel like, nor can I afford to drop a grand to get ss valves and the seats cut etc, etc! Can't I just baby her, adjust/shim the valves in my garage and go! Will somebody ease my nerves here? You guys have helped me sooo much in the past, I appreciate it!!! Thanks

really what it all boils down to is just good maintenance on your bike...ESPECIALLY the air filter. I do believe that there are flaws with the 04-05 head as far as valves go, but not as bad as people think. just keep good care of her.

im sure there is a more defined answer out there

have the valves tightened up on you? Or are you just worrying about them?

And its not a grand to properly rebuild the valve train either...

Seat cutting = ~$75

Stainless intake kit = $175 or so

Seals = ~$10 for all 4

OEM Exh valves & springs = ~$60 (OEM exh are steel)

total = $320 plus a head gasket.

plus install for many people who don't know how to put it all in

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