re-pack exhaust

i know this may sound stupid but im trying to re-pack a turbine core 2

the instructions make sound sooo easy which it would be if the damn thing would pull apart any tips tricks for getting this thing to pull apart???

to get the front end out, take out the 3 allen bolts, then find a work bench edge made of sturdy wood and hit the front bracket on the aluminum body on the edge of the bench with the front end of the silencer facing down. Downside is it may mess up the edge of your bench, may want to put a sacrificial chunk of wood on top to protect the bench.

Unless it is really spooged up, I would bother taking out the back end which requires drilling out the rivets and then re-riveting when you reassemble it.

iv got all the screws out and beat it with the rubber hammer for a while and it refuses to pull out im gonna try flipping it over and hammering on it like you say when i get home and yea its pretty splooged i was hoping i wouldnt have to drill it out and re-rivet everything...are they always this hard to re-pack or is it just old and stubborn???

I had to wack mine pretty hard (/joke block) to get it to break loose.

yes it is that hard! I would recommend drilling out the rivets and taking everything apart and soaking it all in a solvent (gas). use a wire brush to scrub everything clean and then rinse off. put it back together using a rivet gun and some rivets. when re-packing the silencer, just buy 2-stroke specific packing and re-pack, remembering to not over pack it.

thanks i guess ill drill it out this afternoon and go from there..good to know that they are just stubborn and its not me trying to do it ass backwards

Personally, you won't have to drill out anything. Grab stinger end of silencer with one hand and hold it downward. Then, get a large rubber mallet and start whackin' on the frame mount tab (provided that you've removed your allen screws already). It should come off. It could be that the sealant is a bit tight between the can and the silencer body. I'd utility blade it off to create a gap between the two. Some heat from a propane torch can help this too.

i recommended only drilling out the rivets if its really gummed up. so you can soak everything in a solvent. if its not that gummed up and you can pull out all the old packing, dont worry about the end cap.

don't drill it. Mine was really tough to get apart, but spend some time with a rubber mallet and pull while you hit it. The factory seal is tight.

i agree. don't drill it.

clamp one of the mounts in a bench vise.

put on a pair of leather gloves.

then light a propane torch and heat the aluminium near the joint section. (this may smoke so don't get freaked out.)

pull it apart by pulling on the stinger.

works every time for me.

also don't forget to keep a fire extingusher near by. although you won't need it.

cool thanks for all the input!

so i got around to messing with it again this weekend so i took out all the screws put the pipe in a vice took the turbo torch to it and then gave it a few good blows with my rubber hammer and she pulled right off....just a bit of advice i wouldnt think that packing would of gotten that hot but when you pull out the old packing place it in a bucket of water...or bad things can happen

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