Cylinder head rebuild

I'm rebuilding the top end on my 05 CRF 450r. I've been told ASRacing does great work but I would like to research other shops aswell before I send it off. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.

MxTime did my 05 about 2 years ago, I was very happy with the work. My valves are moving again (not MxTimes Fault) and I think this time I will send the head to RHC. He is on this forum quite a bit posting useful information so I don't mind sending my head to someone that has already helped me in one way or another. I have also heard very good things about AS racing and he was at the top of my list too.

AS Racing and RHC are the only two I would deal with. You might wonder why. First both of them are on this site all the time helping out others. :busted: If you do have a issue you know you can count on them for some help.

I had AS Racing do two heads for me. I never pulled the top end off of my bike before. I did have a few questions and Paul didn't think twice about helping me out with the questions I had. Also you will find a number of Stickys Paul at AS Racing did. Read up on them to learn a little more. :moon:

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