Spike JGR, my new look

New graphics, plastics, pipe. I have new numbers on the ship.

Pipe makes my bike sound like a factory teams 450. Pretty gnargnar.


Bike looks good! Tighten that chain!! Awesome graphics!

pretty nice, those graphics are awesome. :busted:

looks good man!

looks great!

Looks good! Any pics of the other side so we can see your pipe?

Looks good!

Naw, just that side. I got a pic of the pipe though.




nice, chain looks even better

i got those same graphics 3 months ago and have yet to put them on my platics........all i have at the moment is the cycra plowflow shrouds. i ordered the rest of the plastic through MY sponsorship and my rents are holding them hostage for my birthday pressent BUT I ORDERED THEM!!! ughhhhh i cant wait to put them on. they are going to look good with my red radiator hoses but i need to get new backgrounds, mine now have yellow in them and idk how that will look with the red

Bike looks very good.

That 2 stroke sitting in the background is BEAUTIFUL! and urs looks pretty impresive 2 nice graphics!

sick bike.

nice bike

looks good, chain looks a little too loose

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