07 Won't Start now - checked valves

I have an 07 CRF150RB that has limited adult riding time on it, maybe 15hrs. The last 2 times I've pulled it out it would not start. Drained gas/carb checked spark and tried again. NO go, not even a hint of starting. Pulled valve cover and took following readings:

Intake Spec .006 +/- .001

Left Intake = .005

Right Intake = .004 (.001 out of spec)

Exhaust Spec .010 +/- .001

Left Exhaust = .008 (.001 out of spec)

Right Exhaust = .009

Would a .001 out of spec intake and exhaust valve create a no start issue with this bike? Pretty bummed they are already out of spec and this bike will not start.

Thanks for any input.

Those clearances are fine. You probably have a plugged pilot jet. Take it out and replace it with a new 45 jet. Set the fuel screw at two turns out. When starting a cold bike, pull the choke, position the piston at TDC, twist the throttle 2-3 times to prime the engine and kick.

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