my budget stroker... (pics)

Well, i dont know if anyone is interested in this, but i have already took the pics for finnish forum, so...

I Bought an old honda 6v semi-auto engine without top end used. (and cheap)

Then, fitted to it a long stroke chinese crank. (couldnt remember how long)


Oil pump shaft needed some lathing, and cases needed some work to fit a 52mm bore cylinder.


Testing electrics... 12v type crank, so needed some different systems :moon:


Comparing pistons :mad: Hi comp piston would be nice... maybe next winter. Big one has some moly-coating.


ct90 type clutch to be fitted.


I cleaned up castmarks from inlet, looks quite nice.


Waiting for new oil pump from hardcore50s...

so, now it will be 107cc. Too bad that my head has just too small valves to make real power :p 23/20

But atleast burn-chamber is small, 39mm with a squish band for 52 piston.

And, this engine will be fitted to a go-kart some day :busted:

nice work:thumbsup: How can you tell for sure the displacement without knowing what the stroke is?

well, i measured stroke and bore when i was in garage, but couldnt remember anymore what was it, and now head is on its place... :busted:

Cylinder has 3mm more height than original one, and studs are longer too.

K. 'nutcase

Where in Finland are you? Keep us posted on your project:thumbsup:

I'm from western Finland, town called Akaa.

Yep I will post here too, it might be slow process though.

(Im a student, so budget is kinda tight.)

btw, all pics I've taken are here

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