Where can I buy a 16T sprocket for my SM?

I looked in the TT store and they sold 16 tooth front sprockets for the S but only had a 15 tooth for the SM...where can I get the 16 tooth for the SM? :busted:

Thanks for the help!

I'm sure you already know this... but the 16 requires a small amount of 'trimming' to make it fit.

And yes, get a Driven.

The trimming my esteemed collegue mentioned is on the case saver, you'll need to grind away about 1/10".

Send me a PM, I bought one from driven And never opened it. Never gonna put it on. Its for my 07 Sm.

I will sell it for a fair price and ship priorty

Theyr'e hard to find. You'd think that the TT store would carry them, but they don't. Maybe it's just a long standing oversight.

But, I did get one a few weeks ago from Forrest at Wheeling Cycle supply. Don't remember the price but it was very reasonable. Had also gotten some from Sprocket specialists, but it seems like in the last year, they doubled the price of the DRZ 16.



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