Pics of my YZ426

Got around to takn some pics of my bike today, I am waiting on White plastics, Numbers, and graphics. The only other major thing I plan on doing to the bike is the YZ450 Conversion (plastics, subframe etc etc) This is my first big 4 stroke and I love it. The power is allways there when I want it. I am racing the 450 Begginer class this season and next season I am planning on going to a newer 450. Tell me what you think.





nice bike mate i wish mine looked as clean as that.......

very nice bike. preety cool silencer .

good luck.

Looks good. I bet that muffler is loud! :busted:

Yeah its a little loud, When I do the YZ450 conversion I think I'm gonna get a new exhaust as well. I just cant really find anything for this bike that I like so gonna have to do some fabricating.

That White Bro pipe is not the better one for MX for sure BUT if you are using it for trail riding you can quite it down alot if you remove the plates

Very clean bike

Had one just like it

Here was mine



thats a nice bike GENE426, I like keeping my bike clean. It gets presure washed after every weekend. I spray the bike down with Simple green and let it sit for about 5 mins then presure wash it all off. It really gets the stuck on dirt and grime off the bike!

Looking good!

Yeah, it looks like you don't have any plates or spark arrestor on the muffler. That would be loud indeed.

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