Bill, Im sure you know this but your mail is full

I tried to PM you but you seem to be a busy guy with all mail stuff. Wow, I can't believe your originaly from Tonopah (it's a pretty small town). Im sure it hasn't changed that much since you were there except now they have a Mickey D's. From the looks of the town I think it's safe to say that their economy is pretty slow. I'll be their in mid Aug and I'll get you a cool Tonopah 300 shirt, just let me know what size you are and consider it done.

DL :)

WAY COOL :) Yea, it's hard to believe but, Tonopah had a small Air Force communications base there many years ago, where my father was stationed.

I can be reached at

Thanks Dan, not only are you the man for racing 1000 miles also for hooking a brother up.

Bill :D


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