Can anyone identify this YZ/WR muffler for me please?


I was wandering around the local scrap/recycling yard today looking for checkerplate for a trailer mod I want to do when I stumbled across this muffler lying in the dirt.

They only wanted $Aus5 for it so i bought it. (That's about $US3.50!)

Can anyone tell me what bike it is off?

I'm guessing a YZ400 or 426, or maybe a very early 450.

What do you think?

I'm going to hack it up and hopefully make it into a shorty straight through muffler for my 450, it feels quite light.

I'll just be using the canister and internals, not the entry pipe because it looks like it won't fit my bike.



early yz

your log in name sux.

your log in name sux.

Ha thats too funny! :busted:


your log in name sux.


Well my hit-count is higher than yours so I reckon I've got more "dibs" on it! :moon::p

Happy new year Greg, from Greg !!!

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