08 Acerbis Tank

I tried to search and it seems most have the IMS and Clarke. Does anyone have the Acerbis tank? If so how did it fit? How is the quality?

I'm wondering about this as well as it comes cut for a dry break but includes a trail cap which is a very nice touch. any info on this tank?

I have and IMS and my buddy runs the Clarke. The Clarke is much thinner and comfortable. I ran the Acerbis tank on my '04 YZ 450 and it was great. Acerbis quaility and craftsmanship is second to none. I would have bought one for my '07 but they didn't offer one when I bought it.

I have the Acerbis 3.2 clear tank on my 2000 426f. Everything fit well. It comes with two petcocks, one for each side, and two gas caps. One blue aluminum and one plastic. It seems like a good tank though I have nothing but stock to compare it to.

I ordered an Acerbis tank for my 08 today, I will let you know how it works.

I bought a Clarke from motosport.com and it is way nicer than the stocker. Way thicker, feels slimer between legs and has a warranty

I ordered an Acerbis tank for my 08 today, I will let you know how it works.

I'm curious to see how it works out. Keep us posted!

I received that Acerbis tank and I was not as what I was told. The Acerbis tank for the 06-08 yz450f only comes with a plastic screw cap and there is no way to mount up a dry-break. Also, the tank has built in shrouds as shown in this picture: http://www.justgastanks.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=419

I am not going to bother mounting it up since it is nothing like I want and will stick with the clarke for now.

Are the built in shrouds bad?:thumbsup: From the picture the tank loos no fatter than the stock one. That sucks about not being dry break ready like the old tanks were.

i have the clarke tank on my 2000 yz426f and i think it is a great gas tank i got it off ebay for 75 dollars and it mounted up perfictly

I don't like the option of having built in shrouds (unless necessary) because the built in shrouds makes the tank much more vulnerable in wrecks. I just see the option of falling hard on a rock and possilby damaging the tank. Otherwise it is almost no wider than stock.

I ened up ordering an IMS tank. It fits well and doesn't leak.

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