Zipty Fuel Screw

Has anyone tried this on their bike yet? Zip-Ty Racing

It looks like a pretty cool way to adjust your fuel screw.

Looks good. I use a screwdriver..

I use the Zipty magnetic drain plugs in my bikes and motorhome also. I saw this fuel screw and plan to order one in a week or so.

Mine should be here by next wednesday, now only 6 more months of winter and I can test the thing out. Just kidding ,but all you southern guys make me very jealous. WR Dave.

Ditto on the Kouba T-handle.OR you can check out Motomans website,he had a cheap alternative to make your own.Hope this helps. :)

Made my own cheapy out of spare parts around the shop. Used a section from an old rabbit-ear TV antenna that fit tight on the fuel screw, a wing nut, and some JB weld. Works great and only cost me my time. :)

I just got a T-Handle mixture screw from Scotts. No drilling on anything shoved in the bottom of the float bowl. Fits perfect. For 18 bucks its very cool. I just clicked on the Scotts link at the top of TT and looked under new stuff. Best under twenty dollar thing I have ever got for my WR.

I made my own from locking button for cars door. It's from alumin and my fuel crew size fits perfectly inside this lock button.

Link to pictures

Yes, I ordered one a while ago and got it last week. Very cool setup what with the numbers (1-4) on the screw 90 degrees apart to keep track of where you are exactly. Figure you'll never adjust it more than a half a turn to compensate for anything. Knurled surface for an easier grip, these carbs should come with the easy adjust screw already on it. You transfer your spring, washer, and rubber O-ring from your original pilot screw to the ZipTy unit and screw it in. I lost the rubber O-ring during the switch and had to order some extras up from Sudco.

I have one of these on order. Are you still able to rotate the carb with the handle in place? I had a Kouba t-hanlde on my 02 WR426 and I had to take the screw out each time I wanted to work on the carb because it would not clear the cam chain tension bolt on the back of the cylinder when it was rotated.

Just got mine and it is low profile enough to rotate the carb.With the electric start it was a real pain to try and get a screw driver in there i'll link a pic when i get home.

I just got my Zip-Ty fuel screw today and installed it. No electric start on the YZ, just the hot start that made it difficult to rotate the carb. Now that it is installed, I can say that it is very cool! It is very easy to adjust while the engine is running and like Dave said, the numbers are great for a reference.


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