radiator repair

Has anyone ever used this guy for radiator repair? Any other reccomendations? I would like to get it done closer to home. If there are any local (SAC) guys that have any tips for me that would be cool.


The Utah riders that have used his services swear by him.

Yes, used them several times over the years. They do alot of radiators and seem to know what they're doing!

use them. you wont be disappointed

I have used them. They did a great job, and recieved-fixed-shipped in one day! I'm in Ohio so they sent Priorty Mail instead of UPS to help shave even more time.

I just got my smashed up radiator back from them last week and couldnt belive how brand new it looked when i opened the box. One day turn around and low prices, its a no brainer!

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