OMG Wont start

Any advise please, had a real mucky and wet weekend with the wr400 Before Christmas. Had to hose and wash down as was a real mess, but started ok after. Yesturday went to change oil, started after 5/6 kick, changed oil all seemed ok.

Went to take bike out today wont start, every so often sounds like its going to then stops, also when turning over on kicker to get to TDC has back fired realy loud! near crapped me self lol.

any help please? i was going to go down the new plug and possible drain carb route?

thanks Rob

I feel like a broken record, but especially after washing and running the bike, set the engine to TDC so all the valves are closed. If you don't do this small step the steam in the exhasut system can quickly create a small rusty spot that can hold the valves from fully closing and then it will have low compression and a no start situation. I have also seen the kill button get water in it which will also give the no start. Unplug the kill button and try again. Good Luck . :busted: WR Dave

thanks Dave, will try as soon as i clear this hangover lol.:busted:

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