Why do ya need all that?

Be prepared to hear it when ordering your needle and jets.

I got it from Sudco when ordering a starter jet and a main air jet. (the starter jet they don’t carry by the way), and from my YAMAHA parts guy.

Actually the guy at the parts counter will give you a look similar to the headlights on a deer expression, and ask why do ya need all that? :)

It’s worth it though! If you’re thinking of re jetting, try it. If you’re in the process of re jetting, don’t give up! I think the biggest improvement to the bike has been the jetting.


Most Yamaha dealers hire their counter help from the indigent population from under the bridges and underpasses of big metropolitan cities. I personally think that Sudco is a homless shelter posing as a carb shop.

If you listen to one tenth of the advise they tend to give, your bike would never run period. Most of the parts counter folks at my local dealer were either car salesman or rejects from other shops in the area.

Most of the folks here will NOT steer you wrong, we are in it for the sport, not the bottom line.

Bonzai :)

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