anybody improve braking?


i've never messed with braking improvements. has anybody found success in improving the braking on the 650r? seems a little on the hard side to slow down.


It's pure physics - when you push that much weight that fast. A disc takes that energy and turns it to heat. The oversize disc is the answer, more leverage and heat dissipation.

so who has the hot, or cool, products? never paid any attention. educate me.


thanks dutch.

have a good weekend.


Is this a real problem for some people? I thought the stock brakes work great, when you are talking about a 300 lb bike, and rider of about the same weight, I'm impressed that the bikes stops as good as it does. :)

The stock motor works great, yet everyone uncorks it. The stock suspension works great, yet we modify it. The stock brakes are pretty good, but can be better. If enough is good - than too much is best.

The brakes on my Cannondale are very similar if not the same as the CRF. With that said I felt that they did an ok job of stopping me but I wanted more stopping power. I added a MotoMaster oversized front rotor and caliper offset including pads for under 175. I got here on TT. It works great but it can throw over the bars if you get a hand full of it.

I just added a Goodrich SS front brake line. It only adds a touch of additional braking (no line flex), but for me it makes my brakes feel like I want them to. Light on the pull with LOTS of feedback and power. Of course I am used to hauling in a GSX-R750 (my other bike) doing 100+ on a track.

Another thing that can help brake feel a BUNCH is good fresh fluid. My personal Choice is Motul RBF600 (Racing Brake Fluid good to 600 degrees).

A SS Line is a cheap upgrade (got mine for $45) and fluid is even cheaper at $13 a bottle (which is pricey brake fluid). Just throwing out a couple of less expensive options than oversize rotors.


I think you were referring to general improvements. The websites given to you are good. Just from what the guys post here I've seen them put on oversize rotors (260mm I think), Stainless steel woven brake lines, pads vary from carbon to full metal sintered (but metal sintered are hard on rotors), and some places offer double piston calipers.

Beyond that I suspect it's, hit a tree, throw a parachute or toss the anchor.

With out spending a lot of money, the SS lines are a great upgrade. Also go with a more aggressive pad compound. I ran the Braking semi/ceramics on the 600 and really liked them. They seemed to give just a bit more stopping than the honda units.

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