New Regulations!!!

Anyone hear about the changes in Dbs as of January 1st, 2003??? We are now required to lower the sound of our bikes to 96-Dbs. Anyone know the sound level of a stock bike with the spark arrestor insert?

It's been coming for a while and the rangers have been doing volunteer testing before 2003. The only difference now is that they're giving tickets instead of warnings. Tickets are also being issued to people in CA who do not carry proof of liability insurance on them :). The stock tip on the XR650R does pass the 96 dba sound level requirements, but the HRC tip does not, nor do most aftermarket exhaust systems. The FMF Q exhaust sometimes passes from what I've read, but not always (it's close). There's a 1.5 dba margin for error and that's it and the sound checks have to be done within certain guidelines such as without high winds, no vheicles or buildings or people within a certain range of where the test is taking place, no tall grass, etc. There's been reports from people who have failed the sound check by one ranger only to pass the same test an hour later by another ranger without any changes to the exhaust system. They're suppposed to use a type 1 sound level meter for accuracy and hold it at a 45 degree angle from your exhaust at a distance of exactly 20 inches from your exhaust tip while taking the reading. They check your reading at an RPM that's about 1/2 of the maximum specified power (3250 RPM for the XR650R).

It would be nice to see some kind of exhaust sound level shootout for our bikes along with dyno charts to help us make better purchasing decisions on aftermarket exhaust systems.

Guess my Big Gun Race Series is not compatable huh? :)

Guess I'll have to break down and buy the insert. What's the ticket $$$?

Foobar, you live in Sin City, so those rules don't apply to you...yet :D

Now if you were unlucky enough to live in CA, then you'd be subject to all this horse schit and much more like potentially having your vehicle registration fees increased by 300% :)


Does both the liability insurance and db issue apply to places like Ocotillo? BTW - How is the silencer working out?



One other thing - I just bolted on a new White Brothers E series pro meg silencer. Do you know if this will pass? White Brothers also makes an optional Quiet Core II - I don't know if this fits the Pro Meg or what it is exactly - got a calogue? Now I am tempted to take it off and send it back before I get it dirty until things get clearer??? Please let me know what your thoughts are - you are the Guru of the 650r.

Hi Thumpdaddy650,

The liability issue applies to all of CA, but I've only heard and read about it being enforced at the Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis). The new silencer is working out great. There's a bit of a power loss compared to the HRC tip, but its better than the stock stop and it will probably pass the new sound level regulations. I don't know for sure if the WB E Series with the optional quiet core will pass or not, but I think it would be very close to the upper marginal limit if it did (97 - 98 dba would be my guess). I think its best to call WB and see what they have to say. Based on looking at my WB catalog, it appears the quiet core fits all E series and the part number is 06-969 / $38.95 retail.

Here's an article regarding the liability insurance issue. I'm covered, but I have an unbrella policy that's about 1.25 inches thick (like a book). Based on reading the article and from talking to someone who got a ticket for this, it appears I'm supposed to carry my policy with me everywhere (rediculous!). Maybe I'll store my policy in my exhaust pipe where it can double as a quiet core :)

If anyone wants a nice FREE booklet about motorcycle sound testing, just contact the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) and ask for the "Stationary Sound Test Manual" and they'll send you one copy for free. It's a very nice and informative booklet. Here's the MIC contact info:



2 Jenner Street, Stuite 150

Irvine, CA. 92618-3806

(949) 727-4211 (ext 3012 to order copies)

(949) 727-3313 (fax)


1235 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 600

Arlington, VA. 22202-3261

(703) 416-0444 (voice)

(703) 416-2269 (fax)

The MIC web site is:

Once again, we can classify Qadsan as the XR650R cornucopia of knowledge. It always amazes me how he always has a plethora of info. :)

Thanks Qadsan. By the way, what's the latest poop on the auto clutch? Still in development or has it moved to testing?

Bummer of a day. :D

God bless the Discovery Crew.

By the way, what's the latest poop on the auto clutch? Still in development or has it moved to testing?

The XR650R z-Start auto clutch should still be a go by the end of February based on talking to Al Youngwerth. The product sounds better to me all the time and I can't wait to try it out :)

Al installed one of his z-Start's on a local Honda service managers CRF450 and in return he gets to use their demo XR650R for doing the necessary measurements and testing so he can make them for us. The price is still not finalized, but we will get a significantly better deal by doing this as one time group purchase than buying it individually from him. 27 days and counting down...

Went over the bars on the BRP. I broke my left hand at the pinky and ring finger. Need that auto clutch ASAP!!! Keep us informed.

Hi guys what exactly is the auto clutch all about?

My buddie might be interested he has an 03-XR650R

what exactly is the auto clutch all about?

If he wants to get in on the special group deal price, just have him send me a PM with his contact info and I'll put him on the list of people who I'll be contacting when the product is ready later this month. Check out this link for some more info.

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