you know your old when!

You know you are old when you are bench racing your signature on TT.Time was when i was faster jumped farther crashed harder pulled more chicks!No my signature is cooler than yours OUCH OLD WE ARE ANYBODY WITH ME OR SHOULD I BE FLAMED LOL! :):D

Your Signature needs some work.... :)

I wanna be like Darin....Just can't spare the time to link everything.

Bonzai :D

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Like I said it took me a year :) I grew up in so cal during the 70's :D (mx heyday). I've always wanted to race and am very competive by nature. So to be fast you have to do "the" series. So, this year, I'll fulfill a childhood dream of racing mx :D

Hope this works....check it out!


You know you are old when your wife makes you take out two Glucosamine tablets and set them on top of the bottle so you can remember if you took your daily dose or not! :):D

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Hell I am old, never was as fast as I tried to be

did finally work my way up to Ameteur A class. Didn't win once there, been with the same gal since I was 15. and was usually a midpack finisher

but I sure had fun. Did the best I could, never turnrned down someone that needed a hand. I miss MX. I hear vintage is like I remember racing, my back just wouldn't hold up to it though. Oh well such is life. oldasdirt :):D:D

You know you're getting old when a cop stops you, and he doesn't look much older than your own son, when you try and explain to your kids that the top of the range big bore MXer's used to have only 4-5 inches suspension travel (and they don't believe you), when they don't find 'pull my finger' amusing anymore (but you still do), when your wife doesn't say 'did you have a good ride today honey', but 'did you hurt yourself and/or wreck your bike', when you look back and can't believe that the bike you drooled over through the window of the local Honda dealer (XR75) was only $425 brand new.............etc, hell, and i'm only 36, Chris.

You know your old when:

<ul type="square">[*] Hair stops growing on top of your head and diverts to your ears nose and back[*] When you grunt getting up out of your chair and it sounds like you dad[*] When you look down and suddenly realize your feet are missing[*] When you neighbor kids call you by Mr. so and so

And finally [*] When you start arguing with your kids about there music

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lol.. man EGO i hate those nose hair's they make my eye's water when i pullem.Chris , i remember drooling over those shiny red xr's i also remember my 1st 250 a brand new 78 rm 250 paid a whooping $950 for it.What a deal!

remember when you used to get 5 McD's Cheese Burgers for a buck.

Better yet Remember Fizzies, Space Food Sticks and when 25 cents got you a gallon of gas

if you do you OLD

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A 78 man I started with a 62 Honda tank model 50 not the one that looked like a girls bicycle. Yep I'm definatly old. My kids argue with their kids about the music. Gas was 15 cents a gallon and sometimes gas wars would take it down to a dime. I'm 48 and life was most definatly easier then. I'm still damn proud of my coutry, my God, and my way of life. oldasdirt :):D:D

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--You know you're old when you saw "On Any Sunday" as a first run movie in the theatre.

--You know you're old when you recall buying a Honda 360 scrambler as your first dirt bike.

--You know you're old when you recall being envious of other kids having a new Honda 50 step-through when you had no bike at all.

--You know you're old when you recall your Ducati 80 (two-stroke with 3 speeds on the handlebar) being eaten alive by a Bridgestone 60.

Anyone remember taking the front fender off their street bike to make it a dirt bike? Anyone else have a riding buddy with a 75cc BSA thumper? (Yes 75, not 750)

I had a 1956 BSA 125cc two stroke. :)

Here is some old stuff

Linding Link Forks on a DKW

Bulltaco 100 "Realy Cool".

Maverick minibikes "2 stroke & kicked butt on mini trail 50".

CZ motorcycles "Always liked their emblem, made great T-shirts". Still see one from time to time.

All bikes had points and condenser and you had to use a dial gauge for the right setup. With a CZ that was almost every ride.

Yamaha DT1 and the super cool way fast DT1MX.

Any motorcycle could be a mxer if you removed the headlight.

Pie plates. Paper number plates that were really plates.

Down pipes. Expansion chambers that got smashed almost flat. Great idea that was.

When a top of the line mxer cost less than a $1000.00

When Honda only made 4 strokes. Really they did, honest.

When a 17 year old, no name kid won the first Super Bowl of Motocross in the L.A. Coloseum. I couldn't talk above a whisper for days after that one. Marty Tripes beat the best in the world that nite. Most exciting thing I have ever seen.

A Honda 305 scrambler. I can't recall a 350 scrambler but then again I am old.

A world without AIDS. When having sex wouldn't kill you.

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Oldasdirt,the 78 rm wasn't my first bike it was my first 250.My first one was a 69 honda 50.I have a question does anyone here remember a bike called a Bonanza?My friend had one when we were kid's his dad bought it used and it was 80cc's and was yellow and except for the engine it looked alot like an old rm 80.

When Air was clean and sex was dirty

You had a condom in your pocket for braggin rights

Farah Facet was a Hottie

No one knew what a water cool bike was

AMA banned Multi-Cylinder bikes (Kawi Triple, Tz750) effectivly killing Dirt-tracking

Hill climbs were still awsome

Your principle could call home to get permission to spank you

Guys did not where makeup

Kids could play safe in the streets

Vigilanti Justice was not a crime

and 2 smokes were as heavy as there four stroke twin counter parts

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Whadda ya mean EGO Farrah Fawcett is still a babe!!

Here we go again.....

When given two choices for fun things to do, you pick the one that gets you home and in bed the earliest!

When your semi-annual woodie turns into an annual semi-woodie.

Too old to get exited, too lazy to get in shape, and too darn stupid to stay at home! Now that is really old.

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

Your principle could call home to get permission to spank you[ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

My principle didn't bother.

We could work off detentions with "swats". The principle had a "Zim-Zam" paddle with a bunch of holes drilled in it. When I had a bunch of detentions piled up I would wear about 5 pairs of boxers and a pair of shorts under my jeans and clear the tally. That worked great until he noticed the extra shorts one day and gave me a big wedgie :)

He also taught me one of my favorite sayings:

"Fair is for Fairies"


Ya my principle in Elementry lived accross the street, so I figure I had a lose lose situation.

I got him back on Holoweens though, :)

BFlee we need to hook up at Hollister of Carnigee

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