you know your old when!

You KNOW you Are old when your first bike Was a DT1` Yamaha and iwas the second model year (1969) and it was not quite a year old and sold for $600 used and your second bike brand new sold for $1200 and that was a whole bunch of money,, (250 Ossa SDR), 1972 or 73 I'm so old I can't remember which. At my age I tell people "I can't remember" and they don't question it a bit.


You know you are old when your 17 and 19 year old sons are riding with you.....(sorry Paul)

But the old man can still whip their butts, LOL!


Wait till your riding with your grandsons, now thats old.

Ud Luz,

Don't you start. I get enough from my wife.


My oldest son just turned 30! :) You know you are getting old when your kids start complaining about their aches and pains and how old they are getting. :D

Thanks, Paul. Now I don't feel so bad.


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