WR brake light

Ok, I finally got my lighting problem resolved. Stupid mistake on my part... Now, I'm trying to hook up a rear brake light. I have a switch in the rear master cylinder that works. I have a cheap fiber optic taillight from DRC that works on a running light. When I splice into both the blue and/or yellow behind the connector under the tank, I get nothing when the brakes are applied. If it helps, the taillight has black (grd), red and yellow wires. Any help would be appreciated. I've wired several XR 600s with no problem. Thanks

Not sure what bike you're working on but I think you should only have to splice into one wire not two. The wire you splice needs to have power. Put your brake switch in the middle of the splice.

Do a search, wiring brake lights has been discussed a couple of times recently.

Oh sorry its a WR426 but thanks for the info!

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