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After seeing several people comment that the actual original torque of the flywheel has been less that the lowest stated torque, ie. 47lb surely this is a case of incorrect assembly torque from the factory and nothing else.

This is being blown out of all proportion. If there is even a single person who has re-torqued the flywheel and it has come loose then lets hear from you, other than that this is pure theorising on what might be a problem when there isnt one.

My 10c worth.

nicely put kiwi !!

Picked mine up today, had the dealer check the nut before taking delivery of it... 47 ft/lbs on the spot. Have not had a chance to do more than put around the house once, so no additional info from me at this time. :)

nicely put kiwi !!


Picked mine up tonight. My service dept. checked mine out and said that they backed it off and re torqued it to the new specs. He also said he called yamaha and they told him that this has been blown way out. They said that there were only 2 case of this in the US. Hope he is right. Don't think I can sleep tonight. I only get to ride it for a short time tomorow morning, and then I hae to wait till Monday. (took the day off to break it in)

Did your bikes get hot quick in bone stock form? Mine did. I took the baffle out and it was fine. It is still lean but,that can be fixed. It freaked me out a bit how quick it got hot. Was this just me? ---Mike

so did your dealer go with the 47 or 61 ?

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