Metal shavings in filter

I was changing my oil the other day and noticed there was some small metal shavings on the oil filter. So far the motor starts and runs great. Has anybody ever had this before or am I on the brink of something major going wrong?

Thanks Dennis

I can always see some small metal particles on the bottom of the jar where I wash my oil filter. Sometimes there seems to be some pices of sand too, but I have understood it to be normal.

How many hours are on the bike? Is it brand new?

If the bike is brand new, finding small metal particles is normal. The particles are called "flashing" and always come off in the first few hours of engine running.

also you can get filings if you are hard on your clutch

Because the YZF shares its engine oil with the transmission, metal chips in the filter are completely normal to some extent throughout the life of the bike. Manual transmissions shed metal. Period.

What you need to do is to learn what the normal quantity and appearance of the metal chips is, and watch for sudden changes in character and quantity.

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