'06 YZ bomb header

I'm buying a cheap used 2006 YZ450 header with Yamaha stock powerbomb - see photos, a lot good has been said about FMF original powerbomb, this one would have an advantage of fitted heatshield and larger header diameter as well but that's theory, has anyone tried this mod? will the jetting need to be adjusted ? any input much appreciated,



I didn't even know there was a Yamaha "powerbomb" header! Sorry, I'm not much help about the jetting.


I didn't even know there was a Yamaha "powerbomb" header!

Have a look at the parts diagram. I was surprised to see a powerbomb type header pipe indicated.

Never seen one in the flesh, but it's there on the Yamaha document.


It's a Euro thing :thinking:

I have a fmf power bomb header on a 07 wr450 had to go up to a 185 main jet .Also with a 08yz muffler

Oh wow that's cool. I didn't know any OE manufacturers made those. Learn something new every day on Thumpertalk!

Baja Trail did you have to go up with the jetting just because of the powerbomb or you fitted pbomb and YZ muffler at the same time?

as to the learning everyday- just found this odd looking header here, brand new 2008 bike


I put this silly looking header pipe on my WR250. The thing really works. It also made the bike quieter. I got it direct from Yamaha.




Re: Strange looking (long) header.....

It probably works, but boy, isn't it asking for trouble in boulder-strewn trail country ! :thinking:


yep trouble guaranteed first drop, and it's quite ugly too


For the record:

The '09 YZ450Fs sold in Australia come with a "powerbomb" style header from Yamaha.

Here's a shot of one:


I had to go up to the 185 m jet because of the powerbomb header,not because of the yz muffler.As other riders I know had to do with this header.Runs great,but is anybody else using a m-jet this big?


I had to go up to the 185 m jet because of the powerbomb header


I am surprised. I didn't think it would make that much difference to the jetting. I haven't fitted the one I bought to my bike yet, so I'll let you know how it goes (ie. jetting wise.)

Could you feel much difference in the power delivery after you fitted it?

I only really bought it because it was cheap.... $Aus 150 (about $US80) for the whole system, one ride old.

I haven't decided what to do muffler-wise.

I have available:

1. Stock '08 WR450

2. Heavily modified '08 WR450

3. Stock '08 YZ450 "shorty"

4. Stock '09 YZ450 "long"

I might stick with option 2 for now. It is a little heavy but (I believe) as good, if not better performing than any aftermarket muffler at the moment.


here is a pic of what I bught cheap - about 40 USD,


I also have an FMF Powercore Ti muffler to fit now so will definately have to play with the jetting

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