efi yamaha?

Hi, I am kind of a rookie to the dirt bike world, however I am loyal to yamaha. I have noticed that some of the major manufactures are making there 450's efi. So i was wondering if you all knew when yamaha is going to jump on the band wagon? My 05' wr450 is getting tired and is need of replacement, I would think a new yamaha efi would be right up my ally. Well thanks again guys.

a guess would be the '10 YZ450F will be FI and then the WR450 in '11...just a guess

a guess would be the '10 YZ450F will be FI and then the WR450 in '11...just a guess

Im with you on this one. I think yamaha is putting one more year into the develpment of there efi setup. To save weight, and make a more refined efi system.

ya im sure in 10 they will go to FI but they let all the other manufacturers put out there FI with out working out all the bugs, so when they premier theirs it will be rock soild that what i think will happen

Its all guess work as of now, I was talking to the owner of the dealer I do a lot of buisness with and he says Yami is pretty hush hush about whats next as they dont want their 09 & left 08's to go unsold if the public knew what was coming in 2010. Personally, my 08 is jetted so spot on it feels like FI, I am more curious of a yami 15f so I can get rid of my kids 85 and put him on a yami 150. Really dont want to buy him a Honda

there 450 quad is efi , correct me if im wrong but its the same engine thats in the yz dirt bike .

a efi dirt bike is probably no more then a year away everyone else is now efi , honda , suzuki , kawasaki .

there 450 quad is efi , correct me if im wrong but its the same engine thats in the yz dirt bike .
Same BASIC engine design. There is limited interchangeability between them.

wow i forgot how good the responces were on this site. thanks everyone. Thats cool that you all are thinking the 2010 model is going to be efi, its what i was hoping for. I will be able to afford a new bike by the time it comes out :thinking: thanks again for your thoughts


Its coming.

Should "trickle down" to the WR in 2011 if the past is any indication.

I read that yami having pioneered the 4 stroke are going to let the other guys get the bugs worked out before they jump on board with the efi.

I believe that the '10 YZ450F will be efi along with a new shock, probably similar to honda's kyb, and a new chassis. What I'm afraid of is how much is it going to cost both in initial purchase and to buy a programmer of some sort to make the correct adjustments for a pipe etc. If you have to spend at least $300 to program the map for a pipe, that becomes expensive really quickly. If you look at the tests the yamaha did as well as if not better than some of the efi bikes in the jetting department. So, unless they change the chassis to the point of it being soo much better than the '08/09 I may not want to buy one. Can't wait to see what they do though!

The new quad engine is much different than the older one, that was very similar to the bike engine.

The new quad motor has a wet sump style setup, and is for the most part redesigned.

So I'd say next year a new EFI 450 bike will be in the works, and will be pretty sick. Hopefully they'll completely redesign their bikes like big red did with the new CRF's.

cool cool, cant wait to pick up a yz efi. I would go wr but the only reason why i got a wr last time was for the electric start that went out 6 months after i got it and after countless trips to the shop still dosnt work. so yz is the way for me lol thanks again

... the electric start ...went out 6 months after i got it and after countless trips to the shop still dosnt work.
You're going to the wrong shop. It's not that complicated, or that unreliable

Maybe we'll see some revolutionary reverse cylinder new engine design.

They've filed a few patents recently and have experience with the TZR 250 from the early 90's (albeit a 2-stroke) and the only problem with it was it was not fuel injected and was a bit finicky to set-up.....


It would be just like Yamaha to turn the MX world on it's head (again)!! :thinking:

I can't see how FI is new to Yamaha at all. They have it on their outboard motors and their streetbikes. I seriously doubt they'll adopt Honda's shock. Yamaha goes with speed sensitive dampening while the rest of the bikes use position sensitive dampening.

I really hope Yamaha goes with electric start. As hard it is to get a dumped bike started, the few pound the magic button costs you can save a race. Look at Stewart's last MXoN race... He dumped it late in the moto and couldn't get it started... If he had electric start he would have been back in it. (Luckily he had the Ferry insurance policy)

2010 is my guess as well. On the other hand, the carb works so well, I can't say that I see this as an improvement. Maybe I'm not fast enough anymore to make use of EFI, or maybe I'm stuck in the stone age. It's just hard to justify $300 for a way to tune an EFI when the carb jets are $12 at the shop.

I would bank onYZ with EFI in 2010

if they go efi in 2010.. then im going 2011 before i get a new one.. my 07 is spot on.. but personaly i think efi is over-rated.. just another money maker.

I bet Yamaha is already in the shop ripping it off a couple Raptors to put it in on the bike!!! After watching Bubba sit there trying to kick it over while the EFI bikes got back to it does not bode well for Yamaha.

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