how do these bikes handel jumps, i do some trail riding wih alot of jumping and i was woundering how these WR handle the jumps since im planing on getting a new 450 if it ant that great i may just buya YZF or CRF buteather way im staying four stroke


Your first post. That's cool :)

Unless you're doing big jumps at a track, a WR works fine. Jumping is about technique and suspension.

i think jumping is more about landing

Welcome to TT and yes, the Dub-R does handle jumps very well. At the track I ride. We have a jump series that is a 40' double, 35' double and 70' table top. The landing of the first double immediately transitions into the face of the second double, by then your speed is up and you fly the 70'. It has taken me a year but, I finally have this section down.

Check it out!


I had my suspension re-valved and sprung for my girth (210 :) ) by John Curea at MX-Tech (here in Pa).

Man, I never thought I'd fly that far or that high at 42 years old. Senior B (MX) here I come :D:D


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Ready for an acl to go along with that miniscus tear are we?


bonzai :)

KAZE - your one to talk :)

BILL - I thought i read a post of yours stating

you weren't a jumper :D

Jumping,,, I think they are ok but wasn't really designed for it. Unless you weigh about 140 one should revalve/respring the susp.

Because of there weight you wouldn't be as likely to flick around like lighter 2 strokes

For these reasons and more I would go with the YZ if jumping and MX is your thing but if you like to do other things too with MX your in quite a delima. Join the crowd theres a lot of us out there...........

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as Bill said about suspension...

After my re-valve on both ends by Factory Connection 30 days ago, I am HAPPY w/ my 99 WR! :) Bike does NOTHING bizarre for take off & in-flight manners.

The 35 extra pounds my WR carries than my Honda CR250 was an adjustment. I found myself coming up shorter than I was accustomed to, ALTHOUGH this may be attributed to the unbalanced suspension at THAT time.

I think jumping is more about surviving the landing

Nah I agree its style and technique

combined with ones ability at the time.

They go together, if one has not the ability then style and technique are not equal.

As one gains confidence ones abilty increases as well as the style and technique.

Well thats my $4.26 worth, also outside of practice practice practice...

Oh ya its about how thw wr handles jumps

Just great, I rode me buds the other day and it hits the trail and jumps almost as good as the yz

:) Ok WR guys start the flame :D

A few months back I purchase my 2000 WR400 and had never riden on a MX track. Now my buddy and I are jumping over 35 feet. I agree it is technique and suspension. I just had my suspension rebuilt and it is worth every penny. I also weigh around 210 lbs.

thanks guys for your input, how much extra is it going to cost me to have my shocks reworked cuz im alil heavy(225 or so)

also what are all these wire mods and stuff im see on here am i going to have to do these to my bike or will i be straight on that, and also if not a WR what other bike do ou thank i would be happy with right its a tose up between the YZF and the CRF what you guys thank?

thanks again


What bike utterly depends on what you want to do. Strictly MX...go w/ the YZF or CRF.

These WR's DO NOT have issues w/ jumps. Many of us have plates on our bikes. This allows us to ride the bike to an area vice trailer it.

As for mods, the newer WR's need less of them. The 2003 will be much less to modify. Alot of the mods are FREE mods to undo Yamaha's attempt to detune this bike. The WR is vastly quieter than a YZF, but at a price. The exhaust seriously restricts flow. All you have to do is pull the end plug off the exhaust and performance (and noise) will increase. Many guys don't touch their carbs...and ARE happy.

The FREE mods are:

1 - uncork the exhaust

2 - pull the airbox lid

3 - shorten the throttle stop

4 - cut the grey wire

5 - for better pull, go to YZ timing (rotating

the exhaust cam one tooth). This does reduce

your low end pulling power though.

The WR is ESSENTIALLY a YZF w/ lights and extra weight.

At 225 lbs you need to get your suspension rebuilt. I was jumping with my stock suspension and bottoming out all the time. I spent $450 to rebuild my suspension and it makes a world of difference. Do not have the dealer rebuild your suspension. Go to someone who specializes in suspension. There is another discussing going on right now on suspension so do a search over the last week and you will find more details.

I do mostly trail riding the only problem i seen with the WR was that i like to jump and when i do jump i like to go as big as posible and i just dont want the shocks to kill me like my old XR400s did as for the exhaust mod what do yo guys thank would be the best pipe/exh system for the bike cause that will probly be my 1st and only mod aside from the shock rebuild

thanks again guys/gals

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Sean, Im not sure if it this thread but somewhere I read about giving a little gas on the landing and it has helped the bottoming a lot, the bike is much easier to jump now, I am 225 w/ gear and running stock sus. Just before the wheels touch the ground roll on some gas.

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