Chain recomendations?

I need to replace the chain and sprockets on my 2001 yz 426. Anybody know of any good sites to purchase these? Should I stay with stock gearing size? I mostly do trail riding with this bike.

Thanks Dennis

Well, is there anything about the current gearing you dont like? If you like how it is, leave it alone, if you want more bottom try one or two teeth more on the rear sprocket, which give it more bottom end power, but you will shift more often. For durability I would stick with steel sprockets and a good O-ring chaing

The TT Store is as good a place as any. For a chain, regardless of the purpose you put the bike to, you can't really do better than a Regina ORN6. I normally run these chains for 1.5 to 2 years, adjusting them no more than 3 times during their life. Just don't pressure wash them and they'll do fine.

Aluminum rear sprockets are light, which helps with handling, but those that lack hard anodizing tend to wear rapidly. Steel rears are heavy, but durable and inexpensive. Ironman stainless rears are nearly as light as aluminum, and as durable as anything made, but very pricey.

Front sprockets are more nearly created equal. There is a noticeable wear difference between a $12 Moose sprocket and a $40 Tag Pro sprocket, but it isn't as pronounced as the difference between cheap aluminum rears and higher quality ones.

If you don't know what gearing you want, start with the low cost option. Upgrade after you're more certain of what you want.

My preference is any "good" quality front in the $20 price range, and a Tag Metals aluminum rear. The combination serves me very well.

Gray- I haven't had very good luck with the ORN's. I've got one on each bike and they are both pretty worn in under 50 hours, I've adjusted them 3 or 4 times, the rollers are loose and they are noisey. I ran Vortex sprockets on the 290 and JT steel sprockets on the 444.

Maybe I got 2 bad chains or maybe they are slipping in the quality department??...., but I'm going back to Primary Drives real soon. :busted:

Interesting. Let me think, I've owned a total of...yeah, 6 of these, and only worn two to their limit while I still owned the bike I put them on. The first one was the one that convinced me. I replaced the worn out chain on the CR500 I bought used with an ORN6, and that chain went through three aluminum rear sprockets before I sold it (mostly due to the sand, and using cheaper gears). The chain was still within limits as to wear.

Sealed chains in general can be quickly destroyed by pressure washing or aggressive grunge brushing, or other forms of heavy handed washing, but I think you know that. Best to use something like Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard, or another low tack lube that also washes off easily, taking the bulk of whatever gets stuck to it with it as it leaves.

Yeah, I know how to care for the chains. I do wash with a pressure washer, but I never get the wand close to the chain.

I know you've had a lot of the Regina's, thats why I tried them. I even used Maxima Chain Guard...... Like I said, I'm not sure why they wore so quickly... maybe its just my bad luck?...

I really do like the way the chain looks on the bike! Gold is cool for sure. :busted:

DennisC the best combo I use for my YZ426F has been 14/50. It's quick, I ride a combination of trails and MX. Most other people I know that ride the 426 use the same gearing. It works very well.

I just recently got some sprockets and a new chain. I got renthal sprockets. I got a normal front and for the rear I got the new sprocket renthal offers called Twinring

I have been using this sprocket for the past 3 months riding every weekend and I'm loving it! Shows hardly any wear.

I use a DID VM oring, and a steel outer rear stealth, and haven't had to adjust it in about 4 rides, whereas my stock stuff wore out in 200 miles or so, needing adjustment a couple of times per ride.

DID X-Ring!:thinking:

I am going to switch to DID.

I broke 2 new RK chains and do not want there junk anymore.

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