richening the jetting - '08 450

OK -- after install of a Rekluse pro clutch, my bike will now stall out due to a seemingly lean setup when i nail it out of a corner in 2nd or 3rd. If i baby it out of the corner, it works, but is definitely not up to the bike's capabilities

I have read the owner's manual, but have not deciphered how to richen the jetting a bit. I realize all the plastic has to be stripped and the top motor brace has to be loosened, but beyond that, i am stumped

any guidance is greatly appreciated -- i feel like i should be wearing a dunce cap :busted:

Ok. With a little allen wrench, some time, and patients you can get the carb bowl off without removing the carb. Once you have the bowl off look in the bottom of it. You will see a little tiny jet. Thats your leak jet. Replace it with a #42, and test the bike out. If you are still not happy you can fit one of these to further eliminate bog

If you feel the need to install the merge accelerator spring be sure to check your ap timing after the install. The merge spring is a very good mod:thumbsup: :busted:

Also checkout this link to be sure you have the correct pilot jet

The only reason to remove the tank is if you intend to change the needle position, or the needle itself. The main and pilot jet can both be changed with the carb in place.

are these bikes jetted for sea level, from the factory?

My '08 stock jetting has been great here in western WA until the cold weather set in...had to go up one size with the pilot jet.

48 pilot jet

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