Steering stabilizer

Hello All..

This is my first post. I've read alot of your threads and performed all the free mods to my new 02 WR426. Thanks to all who posted!

I was tooling down a straight trail, tached out in 4th and a little rock sticking out of the ground about 3 or 4" almost killed me. The front tire deflected to the left so hard, It took everything I had to keep from

seeing St. Peter. I returned to the crime scene and had a few moments with the projectile.

Will a Steering stabilizer prevent this or help reduce the chance of that strong of a deflection? At age 40, I can't afford to be racked up, but I refuse to give up riding!

I want to change to some higher bars, but think this would be a excellent time to think the whole steering package over. Any suggestions....



Yes, the stabilizer would have prevented steering deflection. I had a big problem spending $400 on something that did not add power to my bike. Now, after riding with the Scotts damper. I have to say it does make me faster and most important safer. It even helps on the mx track in ruts or those rocks, just under the surface.

I bought the stabilizer and have the Renthal Jimmy Button highs. Using the Cycra triple clamp mount handguards. I get a terrible vibration in the bars, one or two laps and my arms are pumped tighter than a ducks butt (water tight :) ). I removed the handguards and my problem went away.

You may want to consider the triple clamp, stabilizer, pro-taper set-up from Scotts.



If the front wheel actually turned when you hit, it would have helped. If you just got knocked to ine side, maybe not. If you read the mags and arcives here you'll find a common thread. People who have them don't want to go back to not having them. I have a Scotts, but hear that they are all good. I'm not sure what happened, but a tip, don't even think about relaxing or.....

looking at any scenery along the trail when tapped out in 4th gear on a 426, bad things can happen!!! Big Jim

01 wr426 , Scotts damper, Scotts shark fin, protapers, terry hot start, higher ceet,all free mods, VORTIP in pipe,acerbis brush guards, panoram speedo,White Bros. tapered head pipe, Jimmy Buton bars..

Scarem, Without a doubt it will help with that. The thing has saved me big time that way in the past. Hey... On the "parts for sale" side of TT a guy is selling a almost new GPR for sale for 200 bucks! See if he'll pay for shipping and get it!! You won't be sorry.

Good luck and welcome!!

DL :)

I rode for the first time with an MSC Damper this weekend

(MSC are Aust made - see:-

The track was rough and whooped out at the start and very rough and whooped out after 3 hours and the damper is excellent.

I reckon it's like a helmet, kneepads, armour, boots etc - the more saftey gear and control inprovements possible the better. If it stops you falling off once the damper is worth it.

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