HOW MUCH FASTER is a yz 426 f than my wr 400?

Just wondering, say stock yz 426f vs a 2000' wr 400 free mods and pipe?

I am trying to get an idea how much power you get from 26~cc's? Is it a huge difference?

I want to install a larger motor in my frame and want a 426 or a 450. Thanks guys!

I have no backing on this but I would guess that it can't be that much different. Just as the 450 isn't that much faster than a 426 if at all. Most will tell you that a 450 will smoke a 426, but they are full of crap! Yeah, most 450s are lighter and better handling than a 426 but not much faster if at all in a drag race. Now if you are talking about lap times than yeah the 450 might be a little faster.

Top speed? Not much. On the bottom, it's fairly noticable...based on riding impressions of my buddy's YZ400 and my YZ timed uncorked WR426. I know it's not really the question you asked, but it's a data point. I can tell you that going from 426 to 444 (and 13.5:1) made a HUGE difference in my WR. I went up a tooth on the countershaft sprocket because firts gear was totally useless after the big bore...

I was sent to Texas to test the YZ450 when it came out and I have to say I am still impressed with the explosive power of my 2000 WR. Maybe the early motors had different power characteristics? I read people on here saying they need more power but that thought has never crossed my mind with my 400, I do wish it was lighter.

there abbout the same

I would suggest a YZ timed WR426 if that's an option. The '02426 engine and tranny combination is still hard to beat in my opinion. WR Dave

Seat of the pants.... My WR400 (99') hit and pulled harder than any 426 or 450 I've had... they were a true over square cylinder bore and rev'd faster:thumbsup:

My 99 400 is a monster. Mods are Fat DSP comp pipe, exhaust hot cam (NEED TO GET RID OF DECOMPRESS LEVER), YZ timing. Twin air filter, All the carb mods were also done. Riding in the woods I really do not need any more power.

I put my WR400 up for sale and had a bunch of hits. A guy from Atlanta was going to buy my bike and I got cold feet and kept it. I told him I would look for a WR and he said "I only want the WR400...the 426 had timing chain/gear box issues". Not an expert in WR's at all but from what I have heard the WR400 is a bad arse machine. The newer 426/450's have a bit more torque but if you keep that WR400 going it is one potent motor.

I would suggest a YZ timed WR426 if that's an option. The '02426 engine and tranny combination is still hard to beat in my opinion. WR Dave

That's what I have. It's been running strong for 6+ years now.

I currently have a 2000WR400 and a 2004 WR450, and in inline drags they are very similiar, the 450 will pull more up on top, but 1st, 2nd gears are the same I dont start pulling away until the top of 3rd gear and its not by much. the 04 has linear acceleration, where as the 400 had a mellow bottom and has a hit in the midrange, the 450 seems not to have this explosive hit.

Both bikes geared the same, 1 tooth larger in the rear then stock and uncorked.

Now I know this is not the yz comparison you are looking for but ,thought the info might help. FWIW, I also think the 400 has a lower center of gravity and has better handling.

oh wow, ALOT of people here say that the new al framed bikes have a lower CG and handle better....

You guys make me think that maby my little' 400 aint so bad afterall!

If I could build the perfect WR out of the one's I've owned, I would take the aluminum framed CG and the Pro-action suspension of my '07, the tranny and low end torque from the 426, the pulling power of the 450 and the hit of the YZ timing on the 426. I never owned a 400 ,but my '07 turns way better than the UPS truck that my '02 was. I also see that your 400 is dual sported and I never owned one for that purpose either. Good Luck with you decision. WR Dave :thinking:

my 99 wr 400 all the free mods and alot of work geting carb jetted perfect is crazy fast 3rd gear power wheelies and i can hang with any wr 450 and smoke 426s all day

Displacement has nothing to do with it.

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