??Compression Damping Adjuster??

today i was reading somthing about the 2000 Yamaha YZ426F and it talked about a compression damping adjuster. Where is this located on my bike? what does it do? and how do i use it?

I think it is refering to your forks. you have clickers on top, or maybe they are on the bottom on the 426 I cant remember, then you have dampening )rebound) again, cant remember on the 426 if its top or bottom

On the pre-'05 KYB forks, the compression clickers are on the bottom of the fork, and the rebound are on top, center of the fork cap.

On the shocks (before '98 and up) the rebound is on the side of the shock about 4" above the lower eye. Compression is broken into high and low speed, with the low speed being located in the center of the big blue nut above the shock reservoir, and the high speed adjuster being the big blue nut.

In each case, the farther you turn these adjusters "in" (to the right, or tighter) the more damping you get from that particular stroke, be it compression or rebound, and the slower the suspension moves in that direction. The farther out, the more the opposite is true.

As to how, why, and when to use these, take a look here:


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