Fast brake pad wear

I noticed something on my bike today that makes me a little concerned. I went on a 50-mile ride today with brand new brake pads, front and rear. While loading the bike at the end of the day, I noticed that the rear brakes are about 50% gone already and the front pads are worn pretty good, too. We rode through a lot of water today. Two weeks ago, we rode through a lot of water and mud. The next week, I noticed that the brakes were all but gone, front and rear.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Could wet, somewhat muddy conditions cause brake pads to wear extremely fast? When I put the new pads in, I lubed the pins on both the front and rear brakes to allow them to move as freely as possible. I'm asking this because I'm wondering if this is something that I should just expect from riding in wet and muddy conditions, or should I investigate the brakes further to see if they need new seals, pins, etc.

Ive burnt both front and rear pads out in the course of two 10 lap moto's in the mud. try racing in the mud with no brakes whatsoever.

These thumpers seam to be a tad harder on brakes than any of the 2-strokes that I have had in the past. Just my opinion.

Ive noticed lately that I drag the rear brake a-lot in the single track trails around here. Im sure that acelerates the pad life.

I dont know if any of this helps. But Im right in there with ya on the pad thing.

Yep, thanks, that's the type of stories I'd like to hear. If something is wrong, I want to fix it. But I don't want to go chasing a non-existent problem around if I can help it.


If you plan on spending more time with your wheels in the water and muck you might want to consider purchasing "fully-metallic" brake pads next time.

They dont give quite as good braking power as the softer compound pads but they hold up 100X better.

Better yet, if you plan on a LOT of mud riding, go with a solid rear rotor and fully-metallic pads.

P.s. Dont waste your money on EBC pads. They are pure crap. I use Dunlopads and they are great. Im sure there are other pad that are as good as or better than Dunlopads.... just stay away from EBC.

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i ride through mud and water all the time, every ride, usually only 25-30 miles i can get in after work. my brakes are fine, try to do less car like braking, and just lock the back wheel up, less brack pad wear, but more tire wear, lol

Rich, did you check your caliper pin's to see if they had groove's wore in them ? If they have even the slightest rough spot in them or rust and corrosion build up will cause your brake pad's to hang up and not fully release themselve's.That will burn them up quick.

Solid rotors are great!

I made some for my KDX and they used to work fine all the time, especially in mud where drilled brakes cause the pads to be pushed back into the caliper. Pad wear was also noticably reduced.

All I did was have them laser profiled out of mild steel, then machined up on thickness and mounting holes.

I dare not make some for the WR as I dont fancy stopping from 90 mph with home made rotors!

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