'02 426 smokes on startup

My '02 426 has been smoking on cold starts. I'll get pretty thick blue smoke for about 15 seconds after the bike has been sitting overnight - it looks like a 2 stroke! This condition stops pretty quickly, and I won't see it again for the rest of the day. Also, after checking the oil level it doesn't seem to be affected. Has anyone had this happen, and if so, what did you do to fix it?

Maybe over oiled air filter??

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Seriously, it may be a slight ring problem, or valve guide seals... once there is some compression behind the rings or seals, or they warm up, the problem goes away... what sort of milage do you have on the bike?


i agree with david.... rings or valve seals..

though, from you saying that it only happens when the bike sits over night leads me to believe that it is your valve seals. sorry.. :) (i hope i am wrong) a ring problem would have you blowing smoke like a crop duster.. and would only get worse.. oil is pumped into the head to lubricate it and pools around the valve seals when you stop the bike and then seeps through the seals. when running the valve seals will heat up and then "close up" the tolerance with heat expansion.

again, i hope it is the pistons, since that is a very simple job that you can do yourself..

good luck!

Thanks for the info! Here's another clue - Lately I've kicked the engine over a few times (holding the compression release) before starting. When I do this, I don't see the smoke. The bike has about 2000 miles on it, so I suspect the valve guides might be the culprit. Does it make sense that the pooled oil would go away by kicking it through before starting?

Actually, IMO that seems to point more to worn rings as the culprit. By kicking it over you are lubing up the cylinder and letting the rings seat better. As my '00 got more hours on it I noticed it didn't have much compression until you kicked it over a few times.

OTOH if it is valve seals, maybe kicking it over purges the oil that has seeped past the valves into the cylinder while it was sitting.


I'm a lot of help, aren't I?

Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about it until it starts smoking continuously or using oil. With such a relatively new bike I can't imagine the valve seals or rings already needing replacement. I don't think I've ever heard of someone having the seals go bad.

Scuba,My 01 wr426 does the same thing. Smokes more when the temp is under 40. If I keep it in the heated garage, I can leave it overnight @ 50 degrees and it doesn't smoke.

My bike probably has 3000 miles on it, I am religious on oil and air cleaner maintenance.

Hate to admit it,,,I think we are due for a piston and ring set up. But I agree with the others and won't consider this until the problem gets worse.

good luck.

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