Chain Guide Wear?

I just replaced my (stock) chain guide (the one that wraps around the swingarm) with a guide from a dealer, the guide I bought did not have a Yamaha part # on it like the one I took off which was the original one that came on the bike.

After one day the new guide is almost worn through! I paid $29.00 for the damn thing and I feel really ripped off.

The original one that came off my bike has been on since October when I got the bike and I ride almost every weekend and some days during the week I race around town for an hour or so.

Are there any specific reasons why these guides wear prematurely? are there and *BETTER* than stock guides? Help?

I have heard the TM Designs or Ty Davis chain buffer ( is the best.

I just put one on my bike but I have yet to ride with it. It is supposed to last forever.


It is pretty expensive at $65 but it looks like a sound investment if your new stock one wore that fast.

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Thanks Darin!~!

it looks like you have to remove the swingarm to get the darn thing on there with that little arm that connects the lower to the upper parts?

is that what you had to do?

Thanks for the reply!

my original lasted about 800mi., replaced with an aftermarket, (Moose maybe) that didn't last 150mi.

bought a Yamaha replacement, lasted about 800mi. again.

tried White Bros, it now has about 200mi. and looks about half gone.

the Yamaha cost the most, but was a much harder material.

ps. I tried to get one from TM Designworks through my dealer, but the parts manager REFUSED to order from them. (he's not a good manager!)-He said "I could, but I won't"!!!

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I hear that you get a HUGE amount of additional noise from the Ty Davis one. Indestrutcable also, but load and clackety!!! I dont have one I just remember this as a comment from someone on this site.

Yes, unfortuantly you do have to remove the swingarm. Fortunatley for me I already had mine off since I was replacing the swingarm bearings.

They claim it wear like steel but it is slick as oil. I have heard absolutley nothing but positive comments about it on this site. Except for what The missle mentioned about noise. I have heard that to be true but there has also been some talk about curing it with a product called Automotive Goop. Its just an adhesive you put underneath the buffer (Just on top) and it reduces the "slap" noise.

Actually that a pretty slick idea.

Mabye not factory looking but hey......

Do you have some pics of it you can share lewichris?

yes i do but i am not sure how it will turn out. my digital camera is not that good. so we will see

Talking to a buddy that had to replace his. The Yamastocker seems to be the best so far according to him. Unless your into fabricating your own.

now about these swing arm guides. I have a great story about this. I had asked about this several weeks ago and to this same info. But money is tight with buying a house and all. So i though how can i patch it. Wala--- a thick mudflap. Since the only place that i have mine wore through is on the top near the back i went to schucks and bought two mudflaps for 17 dollars. i went and got some longer screws. I got home and took off my old guard. I traced the outline of the section that was bad inbetween the two screws on the top. Got that cut out. then replaced the old guard and placed the new piece on top. then i went ahead and put the longer screws in their place and tightened them down. So i figured that i can make about ten from each flap and i have two flaps. So we will see how this works. One ride and i can tell much. So i will update you in a few rides. LOL i am pathetic.

I have the TM Designs slider on my bike, and I can vouch for the fact that the thing does NOT wear out. I bought the bike in May, and have put 3,000 miles on it since, and the slider is not showing signs of wear.

It DOES make a racket though. Every single time I ride with someone new, at the first beer break, they are saying "Hey man, I think that your rear fender/license plate is coming loose" ect.

I get a chuckle over the amount of times that I hear that, but I guess that is better than replacing inferior sliders.


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